When I Clean…

…suspenders get made and game boards go up on a wall.

I have a craft room and I love it.  I love that I don’t have to clean up mid project and, instead, I can just shut the door and pretend the crazy mess isn’t there.  003

See.  Isn’t it so tidy!

The problem is that after awhile the mess gets on my nerves.  Or it gets so bad that I can’t get anything done.  So yesterday, I decided to tidy it up a bit.  Basically, I spent an hour cleaning off two tables and making organized piles.  But, I found a few things and was able to complete two projects.

I cleaned out a hall closet recently and was sorting through STUFF to get rid of for a garage sale.  I came across some vintage games left by the previous owners of our home.  I liked how they looked and decided to keep the game boards and get rid of the rest.  And now they are wall art!  They don’t look too bad against a wall color I’m not in love with but I’m in ‘make it work’ mode right now.  (does anyone else love project runway?)


I really need to get rid of the pink blinds…blech…and put up some window treatments that are more visually inspiring.  But that will be another day.

The other project I completed was a pair of suspenders for my middle child.  A friend of mine had asked if I could make some for her baby boy.  After searching pinterest for a tutorial, I told her sure!  Then decided I’d better make a pair to make sure I could actually do it.  I really like how they turned out.032

Doesn’t he have the cutest button nose?

So my craft room may not be spotless, but it is a little better and I completed a few projects on my ever growing list.  Do you get easily sidetracked while cleaning?

That was my day yesterday.  Today it is all about laundry and dishes–so very glamorous, I know:)


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3 thoughts on “When I Clean…

  1. I love the suspenders! Grandpa K would be impressed. Of course, best of all I love that little great nephew wearing those suspenders.

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