Our Sanctuary

I’ve heard said that your bedroom should be your sanctuary.  And now I’ve got this playing through my head.


I decided that after 10 years of being married (our anniversary is next week), I should finally work on our bedroom and make it a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. Because this was not cutting it:(

room before 3

Oh, how embarrassing!  But seriously, our bedroom was dark, dingy and a dumping ground for everything that needed to go into the attic or needed to be sold or donated.  But no more!

I removed the wallpaper.  It came down in strips and I sang the Hallelujah chorus!  Wallpaper has never treated me so nicely.  Then my dear husband removed the chair rail that was not at chair rail height.  Then I sighed to see the bazillion holes in the plaster (yay for old houses with character!).  Then I called my dad and asked how hard it was to mud drywall and plaster.  Then he took pity on me and came and helped on one of his days off.  Then..I said enough thens.

dad and alex collageAND he let Alex help.  He’s a great dad/grandpa:)  I think we (and by we, I mean mostly my dad) did 3 rounds mudding. Then lots of sanding and sweeping and coughing.  blech. And then I said, enough!  I NEED to paint.  So here are a few before, middle and after shots of the room.  Yay!!:)

collage 1Before:  with my blue swatch of paint that I’ve stared at for about 4.5 years.  Middle:  wallpaper down and cracks/holes mudded.  After:  Beautifulness!

collage 3The walls were painted Moonshine.  It is a Benjamin Moore color that I had Lowes color match.  I love color matching:)  It saves your life when you live in a teeny tiny town.  I also painted the trim white.  I’m slowly getting all the trim in our house painted the same color.

collage 2I’m not sure you can tell from the picture, but the window with the lace curtain(gag.) is actually a door into our attic.  I frosted the glass so that we don’t have to stare at all of my, ahem-unorganized, stuff that is stored.  But I love the architecture of having an old window in our room and now it isn’t covered up!

I still have big plans for this room before it is officially done.  I will be working on them slowly but surely and hopefully having a blog will keep me accountable so that we don’t go another 10 years:)  But for now I think it is lovely and well on its way to being super awesome, if I don’t say so myself:)

Here is a run down of my shortish list of projects:

bedroom middle1.  Oh how I cannot wait to get rid of that ceiling fan.  There is a light fixture at Ikea that I think will work perfectly in here:)

2.  I have a picture pinned on pinterest of a dresser redo.  Good bye outdated dresser.  You will be beautiful soon!

3.  I would love to have a comfy reading chair in this corner.  And some vibrant artwork.  We shall see.

4.  I want to paint our bed.  I’m not a fan of the wood color and I think white would freshen it up.  But a part of me wants to do a bold color, like orange, too.

5. I am going to wrap the box spring in fabric because it is Ugly.  And I don’t really want a dust ruffle because, well, it seems like it would collect dust.  I have a dark grey duvet, but I would love to get a blue and orange plaid throw and some nice sheets.  And we really need to retire that quilt.  My husbands great grandma made it and I’m afraid it will be destroyed if we don’t preserve it better:/

6. I bought this fabric to do an upholstered insert on our bed.  But I’m not sure I love it.  I may go with something new.  But I need to do something.  Our headboard has slats like the footboard does.  However, all but about 3 of them are broken or completely gone.

bedroom middle 27.  I also want to paint the end tables. probably white.  I bought them at an auction a few years back for $2 a piece.

8.  We need some sort of pictures or something over here, too!

9. I want to add some lamps.  I have a couple of lamps in my storage facility (aka basement) that I will probably use.  I think if they get spray painted the same color and have matching lampshades it won’t matter that they aren’t exactly the same.  Besides, I like that kind of eclectic feel.  I’m thinking I will go with a bold blue.


Does anyone else have a really weird shaped bedroom?  It is so hard for me to figure out furniture placement!  I think our bedroom is shaped like a tetris piece.  Our bedroom is tetris piece #2.


Shwew!  So that’s our bedroom.  More details to come when I get more things done:)  Do you think Esmerelda would feel safe in here?  What?  No one else is still thinking of the Hunchback of Notre Dame?  whatever.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Our Sanctuary

  1. You are so crazy! I LOVE this post and think you should get a job being a blogger. Also, I would hire you to redo anything in my room – even just a light fixture. You are such a visionary! SO glad you started this 🙂

    • thank you for the encouraging words:) I feel very blog illiterate most of the time! And any time you want me to come down and make over a light fixture, just give me a call–it would be a blast:)

  2. Um…this is weird because I’m thinking about Hunchback. It’s on the Disney channel right now. Mr. Carter is watching (and sticking his gum to his face while jumping off the couch.)

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