Trading One’s Cookies

Not to be confused with tossing one’s cookies.  Just to be clear:)

I went to a cookie exchange this past saturday.  I like to try new recipes and I came across a recipe on pinterest.  I would link to it, if I knew how, but you know–still learning this whole blog business:)   Anyway, I made cinnamon roll cookies and while they have multiple steps, they weren’t difficult to make and they taste pretty yummy!

Mixed all the ingredients together–first cookie recipe I’ve made that includes sour cream.


Then I plopped half the batter on some saran wrap.  The recipe said to divide and form into spheres.


I’m not sure I got it quite right.  Mine look more like squares and they weren’t very even.  oh well:)


After chilling for a few hours, I took out my “spheres”, divided them into 3rds and rolled them out.


Then I sprinkled on some brown sugar and had my handy helper pat it down.


After sprinkling on cinnamon, I rolled it up like you would cinnamon rolls–hence the name, in case you’re slow to catch on:)–and cut cookie slices.


Popped them into a 350 degree oven and baked for about 12 minutes.  Meanwhile, I had some lunch and took a reading break:)


My new favorite.  Grilled cheese with turkey, tomato, and avocado.  Scrumptious!


And I finished Maniac Magee.  Has anyone read it?

Ok back to the cookies!

Out they came and then I let Ben ice them–he was pretty excited to help.



Then I boxed them up


and put them in my favorite bag!


I came home Saturday night with some delicious cookies and it was a great time visiting with friends that I don’t see too often.

Here’s the full recipe if you’d like to have it:

Any great cookie recipes you’d like to share?

4 thoughts on “Trading One’s Cookies

  1. You already found the links to my favorite recipes 🙂 And to make a link on your blog: highlight & copy the link in a separate window, type out what you want it to be called on your blog, then highlight it, go up to what looks like a paperclip on your dashboard and click it, insert copied link and it should appear as the words in your blog…was that too confusing?!
    We have been loving grilled cheese avocado sandwiches this fall too – but with turkey?! Must try…

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