A White Christmas…or at least a white December 21st.

We have snow!  I don’t really like the stuff but my kids were beyond thrilled when they looked outside this morning.  And that makes a mama’s heart happy:)  So there are 4 more days until the BIG DAY!!  Are you ready?  It really is starting to look like Christmas around my house….outside…


a dusting of snow

and inside, too!


the stockings are hung with care. or thrown on to any ole knob.


our “gingerbread house”. the thing is all chocolate.

I bought a gingerbread house kit from wally world.  The kids and I had a lot of fun putting it together but I’m still confused that the thing was not made of even one piece of gingerbread.


Ben the elf and Ben the boy!

I think he (Ben the boy, not Ben the elf) was watching Transformers.  It is out Christmas tradition<—-sarcasm font.


it’s snowing inside, too!


even Christmas couldn’t escape my garland obsession


shhh…don’t Jingle too loudly. there’s a baby sleeping beyond that door!

Someone left the door open on the refrigidaire.  All of that newly bought food for Christmas is going to spoil!


I finally started. I really need to finish.


kids’ christmas party paraphernelia.

Come on over if you need a sugar fix.


Alex’s new favorite cup.

The kid gets something of his own and tends to carry it around wherever he goes.  I found this in the bathroom.  #hazardsofbeingthemiddlechild


triple trouble

**Public Service Announcement**  In the making of this gingerbread house, there was no whining, no fighting, no arguing, no yelling, no threats of early nap time and no throwing of food.  There were hugs and kisses given every other minute.

PS.  Irregardless, it Was a lot of fun:)


they really are!

Merry Christmas to your family and a Blessed New Year!






2 thoughts on “A White Christmas…or at least a white December 21st.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the outside of your house before. It’s so cute! I like it a lot. Also your kids are adorable. And Merry Christmas! I love all the fun homemade decorations. You’re so crafty. =) I’ve been stalking, I mean, READING your blog occasionally, but I didn’t comment yet. Sorry. I am lazy or something. I don’t know. But I enjoy reading it! Thanks! Bye.

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