I had chills…

…and they weren’t electrifying.  I was sick the whole weekend long.  Fever.  Aches.  Stay in bed all the live long day and night sick.  So, of course, nothing I wanted to do got done and now I’m trying to play catch up with low energy.  But at least I’m out of bed!  And I have a great husband who had a fun few days playing with the kids.  And I’m all caught up on the movies I got for Christmas. 🙂

I’ve been trying to clean up my craft room today.  But it gets overwhelming.  So I stopped to write a blog post.  I need to get this room to a point where it is easily cleaned up after I do a project or two.  For me, that means getting rid of A LOT of stuff.  and maybe a picture frame or two.  why is it so hard for me to part ways with them?

So that’s what I’m doing today.  I also took my oldest out to play in the snow during the other two’s nap time.  Huge points for mom since, one, I don’t like the cold and B , I’m getting over feeling so  yucky.  And he had a blast!  Right up to the point when I pulled him on the sled, he slipped, face planted into the icy alley way, got a bloody lip and declared it the worst day of his life.  oh well.  I’ll just forget about all that and look at these pictures and pretend that it was all happiness all the time.  🙂



Our puny snow man.102


The stinker threw a snow ball at me while I was trying to take a picture.101


Yes, I’ll just pretend that we went back inside as happy as he looks here.110


Happy Snow Day to you!  And Happy New Year in a few hours, too!


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