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My brother gave me books for Christmas.  Mainly because I asked him to:)  However, I didn’t give him any specifics and while I haven’t read the second one yet, the first book that he gave, The Dressmaker of Khair Khana, was really interesting.  It is about a girl in Afghanistan who recently graduated college when the Taliban took over her country.  It is a true story and is different from the usual books you read about that region.  This one showed the strength and courage of women instead of horror stories of their degradation.  I zipped through it and highly recommend it.  Thanks Sam for the great gift!

The other book I read this past week was another Jack Reacher novel titled 61 hours.  It was the second Lee Child book that I have read and, while they weren’t the most horrible books I’ve ever read, I can’t say I’m a huge fan.  I know a lot of people really like these books so please don’t be offended:/  They just aren’t for me.  In both of the books, I realized who the “bad guy” was pretty early on and there just wasn’t enough mystery/intrigue for me in either of them.  My husband told me I have high standards and should just stick to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  🙂

So those were my books from the past week.  I was surprised by both stories.  The first because I liked it and wasn’t sure I would.  The second because I found myself slightly bored and thought I would love the story.  Any surprising reads for you recently?


2 thoughts on “My Reads

  1. Yes, I am reading my daughter’s correspondence with Sammy the pig. Sammy is traveling to various states and she is emailing him various questions about his travels. example: Dear Sammy, Holly cow! Washington D.C. Are you going to see the president? Now you better go see sum fun sites or else no more traveling for you mister. Take pitchers for me and than email them to me. You should go cilme some mountains. Or go to a museum. . .Clearly she needs help w/geography Washington D.C. vs. Washington State. and the spelling. Yikes, either learn it or use spell check:)

  2. I want to read your Dressmaker book. But it will take me 6 months to read, so no hurry. I don’t know how you read so stinking fast!!

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