Lamp Makeover

And the worst blogger of the year goes to—-Rachel!  I knew that when I started this blog it would be a challenge for me to post regularly.  I have lots of thoughts but am not great about putting them into actual words.  So I thought I’d dive right back in with a little post about a couple of lamps that I’m making over for my bedroom.

One lamp was my grandma’s and another was from a garage sale.  So free and practically free—that’s my kind of bargain:)Image

First step was to clean them and sand them a little so the primer would stick.  I don’t always do this (well I always clean them) but I really want these to hold up and not get nicked.  I decided to try out liquid sander.Image 

It seemed to do a nice job of getting any grime off and it was a lot less messy than sanding.  Two thumbs up from me.  Next I taped off parts I didn’t want paint on, like the cord and the light bulb sockets, and pulled out my trusty spray primer.


and TaDa!  Looking better already:)


Finally I used a can of spray paint to transform these plain jane lamps into something fabulous.  After about 3 light coats they look like this.


After I add the matching lamp shades and have them in my room, I’ll show you the finished finished photo.  But I’m loving them so far!

And what do I do while I wait for paint to dry between coats?  Well I take pictures of “the coach”.


Coach had just sent out the medic to take care of the “injured” player.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, are the details of transforming a couple of old lamps.

**please note, no children, football players, fake football players, animals, plant life or husbands were injured in the process of this makeover.

***ok to be honest, a few bugs might have been painted. 


3 thoughts on “Lamp Makeover

  1. I may have to report you for the few painted bugs… hee hee! Love the lamps! I can’t wait to see them with the shades on.

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