The Bedroom Saga Continues

The last time I talked about my bedroom it looked like this:
bedroom middle

I decided that I needed to keep looking for fabric because what I had found was just not doing it for me.  And when I started redoing my bedroom, I knew I wanted nothing to go in unless it was something I definitely loved.  So while perusing pinterest (shocker!), I found some fabric that I loved AND found two other fabrics to go with it that would work to cover my box spring and to use for curtains.

So without further ado, here is the new headboard


I’ll have to do another post with an upholstery tutorial, but for right now I’ll tell you it was Really easy and has made such a difference!
Here’s another before shot of the bed.  Isn’t it so sad?


And after!


I did end up painting the bed orange and, while I realize it isn’t for everyone, it makes me smile:)  I also covered the box spring with the same fabric that I used to trim out the headboard.


So next up is changing the side tables with, you guessed it, more paint.  I’m thinking white and that will make my lamps pop even more.  For one hot second, I thought I might keep them as is.  But after looking at the pictures, I think they kind of clash with my orange bed.  And I’d like to make a few cute accent pillows, too.  Oh and I need a curtain!  And the dresser needs redone and we really need some art up on the walls.  So many things to do, so little time.  That was a bit melodramatic, wasn’t it?


Here is one more look at the room thus far.


And I’ll leave you with these few questions.

How do you make a bed?  b/c I clearly need help in that department.

And how do you hide cords?  they are driving me crazy.  If only there was an outlet right behind my bed.

Finally, would you have hidden your husband’s pajama pants before posting a picture on your blog?

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