A Padded Room

It is spring break week for us–and we have snow!  yippee.  So while I try to figure out if I want to go outside in the cold with 3 kids, here is the post I promised you when I showed you the bedroom here.  Having an upholstered headboard has been Fantastic.  Before, with our broken bed, my pillows kept falling to the floor in the middle of the night.  Or I would cut myself on an exposed staple.  Or a child could be playing on the bed and fall through the massive hole and get stuck between the bed and the wall.  Ok that last thing didn’t happen.  Ok actually it did.

Obviously, something needed to be done for awhile now.

I basically followed this tutorial minus the addition of buttons.

So the first step was to ask my dear husband to run to Lowes and get some plywood to attach to the back of the headboard.  He did it with a happy and joyful heart.  He loves when I get a diy idea—it is what he looks forward to in life.

After attaching the plywood, my headboard looked like this:


I should add this was after I primed and painted the bed orange.

The next step was attaching foam and batting to the plywood with some spray adhesive.  If you go to a craft/fabric store, you’ll pay about $18/yard for 2 or 3 inch foam.  I have coupons and could get it cheaper, but I live in a dinky town and was in the middle of a project and wanted to get it done Now.  Plus, have you noticed gas is not cheap these days?

So I ran to wally world and bought 2 of these for under $20.  hello foot.


I cut them up and placed them on the plywood until I had the desired thickness.



A good tip to keep in mind is to fit the foam about one inch in from the edge.  Also, to cut the foam at an angle so that the material looks better when you staple.  I didn’t do that, but if I were to do it again, I would.

Next goes on the batting.


And almost done!—staple the material down.


Then as close to the staples as possible, cut off the excess fabric and batting.


At this point, I put the bed back together and the last step was to add cording around the edge to cover the staples.  I wanted to use the leftover material that I used to cover the box spring.


I didn’t have a lot leftover and so at some parts there wasn’t even enough to sew the material on the back of the cording.  So, I pulled out the diyer’s most trusted tool:  the hot glue gun.  Yep, I glued the material on the cording and then glued the cording around the edges to finish it off to perfection:)  Well.  As perfect as one can get when talking about fabric, batting and hot glue.Image

So there you have it–a little how to on how to go from this before:


to something that I’ve dreamed about and now can dream in!



4 thoughts on “A Padded Room

  1. Love This Rachael! I have a grey bed spread that would go with it. 🙂 I can’t wait to move and do all this stuff to a house.

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