Let’s Browse, Shall We?

Here are some links that have caught my eye this past week. Sit back, sip your Monday morning hot beverage of choice and enjoy 🙂


  • Finding songs to listen to while I exercise is a large part of what keeps me motivated.  When I found this play list, I was intrigued.  It is nice to have some ‘out of the norm’ suggestions.





  • A traveling art bag.  I think I need to take a trip to Lowes and get myself a tool bag for sewing supplies.  And painting it all pretty.  How fun will that be?



  • I Love this nursery makeover featured on YHL.  And the ideas can be used for any aged kid.  I’m going to be making the paper covered branch for Em’s room.  So whimsical and colorful!



  • A DIY floor mat–prettyfied.  yes that’s a word.  I like projects where most of the supplies come from Lowes.  It makes me happy to not have to travel 50 miles for supplies.  hazards of small town life.



  • And, lastly, an ironic reminder to end a post all about perusing the web.  But, nevertheless, here it is.  I know I need to remind myself daily to limit my time in front of the computer.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Browse, Shall We?

  1. I think you need to send me the instructions for that branch art also–except I’m going to use it in the main part of my house.

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