Our town had it’s annual city wide garage sales this weekend.  I hijacked a friend’s sale and sold a lot of clothes.  Cash money in my hand–booyah!

I also went to a few sales and this is what I bought.

Clothes for the kids:


Large frame #1:


Large frame #2:


The most exciting find (thanks Rachel!) was an extra large canvas:



So do you garage sale?  Yes, I believe ‘garage sale’ is a verb.  What would you spend $30.00 on?




5 thoughts on “$30.00

  1. Oh, man…that second frame is exactly what I was scouring for. And I know you’re probably not, but I think it would be awesome if you were thanking yourself for that awesome canvas find 🙂 Garage sales are kind of awesome.

    • haha! No I was not patting myself on the back:) I forget what you said you needed the frame for…? I thought you found one for L’s bday party?

  2. I’d buy blue glass, or something totally non sensical. So glad to see you’re restocking your frames again. I was beginning to worry about your low shortage of them.

    • thanks for answering the question:) Also, my new strategy is to only buy extremely large frames. That way when I’m back up to 40+ frames, they’ll take up even more space. I know–I’m all logic.

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