Hooks from the Markets of the World

I bought some cute hardware at World Market last month.  I loooove that store and the closest one closed a few years ago.  sad sad face.  But I was in Indy last month and I was on the hunt for a rug for my bedroom…didn’t get one there, but I did buy some hooks for our front entry.  I thought it would be nice to add some by the door for people to hang purses and coats when they drop by.

So this corner previously looked like this:


And now it looks like this:


I started out with only one piece of board, but it wasn’t wide enough to go into any studs.  So I attached another board to the back–instead of unscrewing the hooks and starting all the way over.

The first piece was a scrap piece of wood from my garage…I ended up having to buy a longer piece from Lowes.  So the old adage of measure twice, cut once–yeah it is probably true.  It could also say–measure twice and collect materials before starting a project.  Well at least I never claimed to being a perfect diyer 🙂  And also, I’m not sure it didn’t turn out ok in the end.  I now have a little shelf to rest the picture on.  You know, until I get around to hanging it back up.Image I’m glad it is done.  I have too many projects around this house/basement/garage so that is one off the list!  And now there is a place for people to hang their stuff.  Or a place to hang, well, my scarf and Emily’s coats.




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