My Baby Turns 3

Emily turned three at the end of April.


If I think about my baby being three years old I cannot believe it!  I feel like I’ve had babies for so long that now when I go places with no diaper bag, no sippy cup, no pacifier and most times, not even a blankie!, well, it just feels strange.

But, honestly, I feel like she’s been 3 since she was about 18 months.  The girl is tall.  She talks really well.  So most people have assumed she was three going on four for about the last year and a half.   Or at least, that’s what it has felt like.

Anyway, I’m glad she is ‘growing’ into herself.  I’m hoping that she catches up emotionally to where her body is physically.  Because, let me tell you, having a child act like their age but look much older, it can be a challenge.  And girls–wow–I don’t care what people say, they are different from boys.  Not bad different–pretty awesome different!  However, when you’ve had two boys and you feel like you’ve got the hang of things, well watch out, God may just give you an Emily:)  I’m so glad He did.

Here are some shots of her party.  It was princess themed.  Her choice.


And I made her some pillows from these tutorials.

Mr. Platypus.  We may call him Perry at times.


Mr. Foxie


Miss Snail


And Ms. Bunny Rabbit


There was cake.


And crazy family.


They watched her open her presents.  She’s obsessed with puzzles.


And they helped us eat the food 🙂


my favorite part = cute little mice

Who doesn’t love GusGus and Jaq?Image

It was a fun day and I’m blessed to have this little girl in my life.  I love you baby girl!


post script:  I hope you always love reading.


3 thoughts on “My Baby Turns 3

    • I probably won’t sell them since I copied the pattern from another blog. But I’d be happy to make you one or two at cost if you’d like:) They are super adorable, I agree.

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