Day 1


If only we had 104 days.  We have a mere 81 days.  Yes, I counted.  And have you seen this post by The Nester?  I have a total of 44 summers left with my children and then they will be gone.  That might seem like a lot but that is combined!  If you separate them–Ben: 13, Alex: 15, Emily: 16.

Say whaaaat? 

Ok, so if you are in the midst of more than one child in diapers, or you are still getting up in the middle of the night to feed your child so that he/she will live another day or if you are in the midst of potty training or if you have more than one sick kid—please ignore this.

Otherwise, oh my goodness, our kids grow up so FAST!  So let’s spend time with them, take pictures of them, record them doing random things.

So in Ben’s words–the first day of summer vacation “not going so well.”  I told the kids that we could go and have pancakes at McDonalds for breakfast and eat inside!  I’m not sure the fascination with going inside places but they love it.  Then we were going to go to a moms group at the Y.  I stopped and deposited a check and the kids got suckers.  They were excited but I told them they’d have to wait until after lunch.  “That’s ok,” they said.  So far so good.  I went to the gas station and got gas.  Came back and tried to start the car–nothing.  oh great.  So I popped the hood and wiggled all exposed wires.  Cause that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?  Tried the key again–nothing.


By now the kids are asking when we’re going to leave–they want Food!  HERE!  Have a sucker!

So I ask the guy getting gas next to me (Howard) if he knows much about cars?  And can he help me?  To make a long story less long…he hooked up jumper cables and had me turn on my lights and do all sorts of random things—the car never started.  I had left my cell phone at home—it is prehistoric and I never need it anyway–so I borrowed his and called two friends whose numbers I remembered–b/c all the other numbers are on my prehistoric cell phone and who remembers numbers anyway?–got a hold of no one.  I told him if he could help push the car into a parking spot then I could walk home because we didn’t live too far away.

So I put the car in neutral and he pushes it backwards into the spot.  I put it into park and decided to turn the key–why not?–and the car, I kid you not, starts right up. 


So I tell Howard thanks so much!  His face was pure amazement because according to him my battery was out of juice.  He must not of realized how hard I was praying.

I drove home and the kids were slightly disappointed that they weren’t going to get to eat inside anywhere but our house.  They recovered and we played outside and I spray painted.





End of story.

Oh also, Ben and I made something. 

I wanted to make something like this.  But failed to read any of the directions.  So ours turned out like this:


obviously, we weren’t too disappointed:)

The whole point of this post.  Do stuff with your kids on summer vacation:)  And, I guess, have low expectations but lots of fun.

If you have kids, how many summers do you have left?

If you don’t have kids or it hurts your head to do that kind of math, do you have any fun summer plans? 


2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Love that picture of Ben – it makes me smile:)
    Summah plans: Go to my cottage on the lake. *cough* Church camp.

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