Summer Living

Summer time and the living is easy.  Some days it is.  But there are other days that seem packed. 

Here’s a random day in my life.  (Sidenote: I thought to myself that pictures would make this post super awesome.  However, who carries their camera with them at all times?  Not me.  Who doesn’t have a smart phone to take pictures constantly?  Well that would be me.)

7:30am–I wake up and am reading a devotional when Ben comes into my room and asks if he can climb in bed.  Sure why not?  He rarely is the first one up. 

7:40am–Alex comes into the room and wants to get in the middle.  Climb on up, buddy! 

7:42am–Alex is hungry.

7:43am–Ben and Alex are eating breakfast and I bring their clothes downstairs and realize Emily is awake.  I get her out of her crib and bring her downstairs so she can eat breakfast, too.  She realizes there is no more chocolate yogurt left and commences to weep, wail and gnash her teeth at the bottom of the stairs.  It is rough being the baby.

8am–I help the kids get their teeth brushed and get dressed.  My friend calls to confirm that she will be picking Ben up to go hang out this morning.  I remind Ben to do his chore and he does it without any complaints.  I clap my hands and rejoice.  Or at least, I would if I were a morning person.

8:15am–I’m doing Emily’s hair and my dad calls.  He wants to know what time to come to town.  I tell him 10 minutes to 10.  He is going to watch Alex for me while I take Emily to a free music class through the Summer Parks program.

8:20am–The kids are ready to go for the day.  I jump in the shower so I can be ready before my friend picks Ben up at 9.  I let the kids watch one episode of Phineas and Ferb.

8:50am–I’m ready for the day.  I throw a load of laundry in the washer and sit down to eat some breakfast.

9am–Ben heads out to his friend’s house.

9:20am–I sit and read some books to Alex and Emily.

9:55am–I start to wonder where my dad is.  He calls and tells me he is about 7 minutes away.  Would I want to meet him at the library?  Sure, why not.  I meet him at the library where he takes Alex inside to play on the computer and dad sits and reads his book.  Emily and I head to her music class.

10am–Music class with Miss Em.  She loves it and wants to go back tomorrow.  I tell her it is just for one day.  She’s a little disappointed:(



10:40am–Music class is over.  I decide to drive home and then walk back to the library to get Alex.

11:10am–We hang out at the library for a little bit and then tell grandpa bye and thanks and walk home with our books and a couple of movies.

11:30am–Lunchtime!…and I start writing this blog post.

12:30pm–I tell Alex and Em that it is naptime.  They convince me to read two books.  Then they pretend to fall asleep on the couch.


12:40am–I put the kids down for a nap.  Today is an early nap because we are going to the city gym at 3 for Ben’s basketball camp and I don’t want Em to be a grump.

12:42pm–I remember that I only have one tball shirt clean and the boys have a game tonight.  So I round up a load of clothes and go to put them in the wash and realize there are clothes in there from this morning.  Empty and load dryer.  Start new load.  Commence folding laundry.

1pm–Take a break and read a few blogs.

1:30pm–Do dishes/clean up kitchen.

1:50pm–Ben is home.  We relax on the couch and read/watch a cartoon.

2:30pm–Alex comes downstairs and says he needs to use the restroom.  I’m not sure if he fell asleep but he was quiet for over an hour and I’m thankful.  It is time to get ready to go to Ben’s basketball camp.  He is grumpy, says he doesn’t want to go, yells at his brother over nothing—I’m thinking this afternoon activity might not have been the best of ideas.  But I know that he’ll love it once we are there so I press on.

2:45pm–I get Emily up, pack a backpack with waters and snacks and remember to throw my camera in there (go me!).  I tell the boys to get their shoes on and we head out the door to walk to the city gym.


4:20pm–We arrive home from the city gym. Ben loved it.  As soon as he saw a few friends and the high school guys that helped out with the basketball camp this past school year, he relaxed and decided it wouldn’t be so bad after all.  I sent the kids outside with a popsicle and put the clothes in the dryer so they’ll be dry in time for the game tonight.

5pm–I’ve finished putting away the laundry.  The kids are still outside happily playing and so I start supper.  Cheeseburger pie from the back of the bisquick box.  It is easy and I have all of the ingredients.  I might even throw in some peas to make it ‘healthy’  🙂

6pm–Supper is finished and cleaned up.  I relax and read for a little bit.


There are only minor interruptions.  Mommy can I watch Dora?


Mommy look at my lego Batman!


6:45pm–Get the boys ready for their game and we head out the door at 7.



8:45pm–Home from the game.  We get the kids in their jams and head them up to bed.

9pm–Time to relax on the couch with my William and try out the pomegranate acai blueberry sorbet I bought on the way home from the ballpark.  Happy Ending to a fun day!


…and tomorrow, I have nothing scheduled except basketball and my running group.  whew!:)



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