So where does everyone summah?

oh phoebes.

We aren’t spending our summer at the lake house but we aren’t spending it in a cardboard box either.

Our summer list is slowly getting checked off.


We’ve done a lot since I took this picture.  This next week we are heading to the dunes and I’m hoping to go to the zoo and also a baseball game while my husband is off work.  Fingers crossed that we can squeeze it all in!

Swimming: check.


Smores: check.


Box City: check.


Sometimes the best of times are spent on the front porch:)


How is your summer going?  Or do you summah?  And if you have a lake house that you need people to stay in for a weekend or week or two or three….I’ll volunteer:)


3 thoughts on “So where does everyone summah?

  1. Looks like your house is full of fun :). This summer has been quite unlike any summer I have ever experienced. It has been fun exploring but I will be glad to get back home.

  2. I’m on board for coming to someone’s lake house with you 🙂
    We just started picking raspberries today off our bushes – so looking forward to doing this every day for the next few weeks – you guys can field trip your way down the street for a snack some day!

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