A Bag for the Beach

My mom asked me to go to a quilting class with her a few months ago on Mother’s Day weekend.  I thought it would be nice to spend the day with her.  We have very different personalities and she seems excited that I am learning to sew.  So at the class we made a large bag that was quite laborious—but I love it. the bag.  not necessarily the hours of sewing.  I also learned that I sew too fast and that is probably why my machine jams all of the time.  The things you learn when sewing with a group of women at least double your age.  You should have seen the heads pop up when I began sewing and my machine was bouncing all over the table.  but that is another story for another day.

This is the bag I made that weekend.


You basically use a sheet of stuff called quicksmart (I think that’s what it was called) and iron on your squares and then sew it all together.

I decided to make summer bags for my boys’ teachers and simplified it by A LOT.  Here is the tutorial of how I made this bag.


First cut out 8 rectangles measuring 8″ by 25″.  You can mix and match the material to your heart’s desire.  I chose to do two different materials on the outside and then a coordinating fabric on the inside.


You also need 4 strips of fabric measuring 2.5″ by 20″.  (These can really be whatever length you’d like depending on where you want your bag to hang.)


These strips get sewn together, right sides together, to make the straps.


Next, turn the straps inside out using a handy dandy quick turn tool.  If you don’t have one, make haste to your nearest fabric store and purchase one!


To make the outside of the bag, lay your four rectangles out in a L shape as shown in the picture.


Then flip the bottom two up and sew along the short part of the rectangles.  (The polka dot material in this picture.)


It will look like this picture after this step is done.


Next sew vertically where the two pieces meet.


The bottom of the bag is now formed and you’ll need to sew the edges together.  Fold one rectangle over as pictured and sew the two pieces where they meet on the left side in this picture.


Keep going until you’ve sewn all four rectangles and the bag is formed.  The pictures show what it will look like after each of the remaining three are sewn.







Repeat with the four rectangles for the inside of the bag, only start out with them lined up in a backwards L shape as pictured.

**note**When sewing the long sides of the rectangles together, you’ll want to leave a small opening on one section so that when the inside and outside of the bag are sewn together, you’ll be able to flip it inside out.


The next step is to line up the straps with the corners of the outside fabric.

047Next, sew the straps on at each of the four corners.


Line up the inside bag with the outside bag with fabrics facing each other and sew along the tops edges.

045Trim the pointed corners and cut small snips in the ‘V dips’.


051Where the opening is, turn the bag right side out.


Top stitch at the top of the bag and you are finished!

056Repeat as desired!


The possibilities are endless.


I hope this tutorial was halfway comprehensible.  If you attempt to make a bag of your own and have any questions, please let me know.  Happy Sewing!


8 thoughts on “A Bag for the Beach

  1. Oh my! Love them! One of these days I will overcome my sewing machine phobia and attempt to try this. Wonderful tutorial!!

  2. I especially love the mental image of your machine bouncing on the table. It made me giggle. I cracked up when I saw how much you ‘simplified’ the pattern. Those little squares are vicious beasts.

    • It was funny:) It was equally hilarious when I finished and the lady leading the class said, “Oh that does look nice!” I replied, “What did you doubt me?” lol!

  3. Surely these are up on the The Blue Tulip shop?! I love your creativity – it is inspiring. Don’t know that I’ll ever actually read through this tutorial blog – but I skimmed the pictures and enjoyed gazing at the end product 🙂

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