An Old Dresser Becomes New

I’m still working on making our bedroom look like the beautiful sanctuary I’m imagining.  I finished my dresser redo quite awhile ago and finally decided maybe I should blog about it.  I wish that I could just think about my blog and then it would make the post that is in my head.  I get bogged (blogged?) down in the technicality of having a blog.  anyway.  Here are some pictures for you.

The before picture isn’t awesome.  sorry.  I really have to remember to take before pictures of stuff.  This one is zoomed in of a picture of my bedroom right after I painted.


an old brown dresser from days of yore.  and, let me tell you, that yore was not very creative.

Steps to make a beautiful dresser.

1.  paint dresser white

2.  spray paint burlap a fun color

3.  cut trim and paint

4.  attach burlap and trim

5.  find some fun hardware and attach

6.  grumble about it but decide to patch nail holes, caulk and paint trim to make the dresser look more finished.


Finally, SMILE!, because you’re in love with your new dresser!  It really cheered up the place.  And I love it.


So.  Have you ever spray painted burlap?  Yeah, me neither, but I thought I’d give it a try and I’m happy with the results.  Spray Paint.  There really is nothing else like it.


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