Mr. Middle Man Turns Five

Alex shares a birthday with my mom. It would make sense that he doesn’t have a day all his own…seeing as how he is the middle child. So far, though, the kid loves it. He thinks he’s pretty special to be born on grandma’s birthday. And I kind of agree with him.


He asked for a batman birthday party. Our birthday parties aren’t usually too elaborate. I only invite my parents and sometimes some close cousins if the party falls on the weekend. But I still like to decorate where we eat. I hang balloons and streamers and try my best to make a cake that fits the theme. Some years I do better than others.



This year I had fun.  I wrapped his presents to look like a cityscape.  And I labeled all of our supper food. We had Bat Broccoli and Joker Juice and Two Face Cookies and Gotham City Garlic Bread. It was a regular Bat Birthday Bonanza.



011It was a yummy supper with the family to celebrate a great kid.


Alex loved it. I know he felt super special and he handed out extra hugs which is a huge deal for him. He could take it or leave it when it comes to giving hugs.


He asked for a Batman video game and he got one.  You know it is true excitement when you can see your uvula.


So my little man is five. He gets funnier every year. It is hard to believe. I always say that five is the last year of being a baby. Kids start to grow up after that. I am going to enjoy this fifth year with my little buddy.



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