31 days: Interviewing Women

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I believe that women as a whole are pretty amazing creatures (even if we have a certain fascination with putting a bird on everything right now–when will that end and what would Jane Eyre think?!).  I love to listen to people tell stories about their lives.  My grandma passed away a year ago this October and there have been So many times that I wish I could just sit with her again and hear her recite poetry.  Or tell me about her life growing up in Wisconsin.  Or hear her tease my kids.  Or have her tell me about my grandpa that I never met.  Coincidentally, grandma loved birds.  She would have been all over the ‘put a bird on it’ craze.

I think I’m a pretty good listener but I’m not so awesome at starting the conversation.  I want to be more intentional about asking people, “what’s your story?”

I am convinced that writing about one subject for 31 days straight is a crazy thing to do.  But I’m going to go for it.  Carpe diem, right?  So after thinking about what I know a lot about and wondering if anyone would want to read 31 posts about chocolate or my love of Fiddler on the Roof, I decided to instead learn about the women in my life–family, friends, teachers, child care workers–and write their story or at least a little bit of it.

This will not be easy for me.  I’m not one for small talk.  It is hard for me to get to know people.  But as my wise friend, Bekah, says, “People love to talk about themselves.”

31 days wide

Please join me tomorrow morning for day one!  I’ll be starting with a pretty cool lady–my mom.

I’ll be adding links to each day below as the month goes on.

Day One:  My Mom

Day Two:  My Best Friend

Day Three:  My Baby Girl

Day Four:  Kelley

Day Five:  Miss Cindy

Day Six:  Lynne

Day Seven:  Jessica

Day Eight:  Mrs. Dana

Day Nine:  Bekah’s Mom

Day Ten:  Rachel

Day Eleven:  Bekah

Day Twelve:  Sally

Day Thirteen:  Tracie

Day Fourteen:  Mrs. Fry

Day Fifteen:  Danielle

Day Sixteen:  Stephanie

Day Seventeen:  Julie

Day Eighteen:  Laura

Day Nineteen:  Aunt Sharon

Day Twenty:  Aunt Jean

Day Twenty-One:  Linda

Day Twenty-Two:  Lauren

Day Twenty-Three:  Melissa

Day Twenty-Four:  Amber

Day Twenty-Five:  Any Woman Who Has Ever Worked in Child Watch

Day Twenty-Six:  Monica

Day Twenty-Seven:  Mrs. Moser

Day Twenty-Eight:  Emily

Day Twenty-Nine:  Lindsey

Day Thirty:  My Grandmas

Day Thirty-One:  Me

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13 thoughts on “31 days: Interviewing Women

  1. 1. This post is very ‘Cardigan Way’ of you
    2. The blog you are sourcing is called ‘the nesting place’…birds, much?! 🙂
    3. Joel and I were listening to a comedian on Pandora last weekend and he had a bit about a truck he saw with the logo ‘Feedler’s Roofing’ and this comedian went ON AND ON about the missed opportunity to name your business, ‘Feedler On the Roof’
    4. I am SO EXCITED to have a post from The Blue Tulip in my inbox each day this month!

    • 1. I actually was reading The Nester’s 31 day posts before I ever discovered Cardigan Way. But, did you see, she is doing it again this year!
      2. a little much?
      3. HOW COULD THEY NOT GO WITH FEEDLER ON THE ROOF?! how Awesome would be that.
      4. thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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