day seven: jessica

Welcome!  If you’re wondering what all the 31 hubbub is about.  Read this.


31 days wide


I am just going to say it.  She told me to say whatever I wanted, so I’m going to.  She is single and smart and beautiful and happy and loves Jesus.  I think the only thing she is willing to change about all of that is the single part.

Jessica Ann Hunter.


That’s it!  Come back tomorrow for day eight.

Juuuuust kidding 😀

I’ve known Jessica for a long long long long time.  My first memories of her were of the cute little cousin of my friends in youth group.  Then during my college years, she was the teenager that was around at different activities that I would go to with my friend, Bekah.  Bekah and Jessica have become really good friends, travel buddies, confidantes—because of that, I’ve gotten to know Jessica (or as I like to call her, Yessica–if I knew why, I’d tell you) better.  She and I are about 6 years apart in age and now we are at a time in our lives where we are just good friends.

Jessica grew up just south of Muncie and she has lived on the same street road (in the country it is called a road) her entire life–almost the same house, but I think there were a few months where she lived down the road in a different house.  It is so common now for people to move houses quite often, but I think it really speaks volumes when someone stays put.  You can bloom where you’re planted.  You are steady, reliable, contented.  And the memories that are made are priceless.

Jessica went to Union High School (actually k-12 all in the same building) and then graduated from Ball State University with a degree in speech pathology.  After working at a day care for a few years, she got a job and still works with children through the Indiana First Steps program.  This program helps children with all ranges of developmental delays.  She goes to their homes and assists them with however they may be struggling.  Jessica is wonderful with children and they really love her.  I have a feeling she is their hero.

It is easy to see why they love her.  She is creative, joyful, and loves to laugh and play but is also hard-working.

I have a tendency to say yes to large projects.  Jessica is one of the few people who would help me with my crazy ideas.  Bekah encourages me and says, “yeah!  that’s a great idea!”  But, together, her and Jessica help pull it off.

Bekah asked me once to help decorate for a youth banquet at church camp.  Jessica was there to help fold countless pieces of paper into orange boxes.  And also to join in with the ugly laugh.

orange boxes

Another friend asked me to help decorate for a school fundraiser.  Bekah and Jessica both helped a TON for that event.  But only Jessica would have the patience to sit beside me for 8 hours and sew material together to make bunting.  And then stand patiently for another 3 hours to hang it all.  Seriously, Jessica.  you rock.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And so I was with her and Bekah at MCL (yes, we are under the age of 60 and we eat there….leave us alone), and I asked her some questions.

Have you taken a personality test?  “yes, but I got to the end and had missed some questions and so quit.”  I have another friend that told me this happened to them.  I am dying to know if they are the same personality.

What book are you reading right now?  “7 by Jen Hatmaker”  I’ve forced all of my friends to read this book.  It is hilarious and at the same time makes you feel guilty for buying an extra box of pop tarts at the store.  I don’t like feeling guilty alone.  If you are reading this and haven’t read 7, get thyself to the bookstore, library or and read the book!

What has been your favorite vacation?  Which one has exceeded your expectations?  “Israel for both.”  She loved it there so much that she wants to go back again.  I want her to take me with her some day.  Israel would be a dream to visit.

What is your favorite song right now?  “clear the stage”  of course, later on that night she pulls up a song on her phone that she said she’s been listening to nonstop (it was not clear the stage.)  I asked her what she thought I meant when I asked her what her favorite song is Right Now?  She said, “oh you can put this one on your blog then.”  So I’ll put both 🙂

Where were you and what were you doing 10 years ago?  “I was a senior in high school and I was probably being obnoxious.”  I don’t remember her being That obnoxious 😉

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?  “a nurse.  I wanted to give people band aids.  take their temperature.  pass out suckers to kids.  Then I found out I needed to like science.  End of story.”  I can handle the science…it is the people who scare me.  And I bet she gets to pass out suckers at her job now 🙂

Tell me something interesting about the last movie you watched?  “Life is Beautiful—for being a holocaust story, I laughed more than I cried.”  I love this movie.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t let the subtitles scare you away.  It is a Great story.

What is your current hobby?  “Sew & Tell”  She convinced me to start a sewing club.  We sew stuff.  Or at least we try to.  We’ve met twice and one was successful and one not so much.  We’ll see how the third one goes 🙂

What has been your most life changing moment?  “turning my life over to Jesus–junior year of high school”

Finish this sentence.  Before I die, I want to “skydive.”  Me too, Jessica. Me too.  We’ll do it one of these days.

And that is my friend, Jessica.  Whatever we do, we have fun doing it.  Do you have a friend like that?

fun with friends


Tomorrow is day eight of my crazy blog experiment!  For those that have stuck around, you’ll get to meet Mrs. Dana.


10 thoughts on “day seven: jessica

  1. So fun to read about another one of your friends! AND – I love the picture of you guys folding those orange boxes. I wish I could have been a mouse in the room to hear what was going on! I love to laugh. This is fun, Rachel!

    • oh steph—we were laughing at Bekah’s mom. She is nearly 80 and was up on a chair in the corner trying to get a good picture of us. And she’s British so she was saying ‘heads up girls, heads up’. With her accent, the lateness of the hour and I’m sure a ton of other things, we just lost it and couldn’t stop. 🙂

  2. Great story! Nice to know a bit more about Jessica. It’s always nice to see her now and then but I really need to know her better. Hey, you can get “Life is Beautiful” with English audio. I like watching it either way. Thankfully, in English, they keep the best line in Italian, “Bonjourno Principessa!!” and I can’t spell in Italian, I know. I’ve never heard of the book “7” so I’ll need to look out for that.

    • 7 is a really interesting read. The author does a 7 month long fast, each month focusing on something different…mainly areas that we, as Americans, are excessive. Sounds a bit heavy, but she has a great sense of humor.

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