day twenty-two: lauren

Welcome!  If you’re wondering what all the 31 hubbub is about.  Read this.


31 days wide



Lauren and her husband, Eric, have a little girl named Lucy and a little one on the way.  They live in Bluffton, but Lauren grew up in Hilliard, OH.  It is a suburb of Columbus and is a big town (her graduating class had 500 students).  She says that she loves living in a small town although she didn’t necessarily envision that for herself when she was younger.  Lauren works for the Y and is contracted out to Fort Wayne Metals where she is the on site wellness facilitator for their employees.

I met Lauren at the Wells County YMCA when she first started to work there.  My first impression was that she was a cute and stylish lady with a bubbly personality.  That impression has held true.  She is also a pretty cool person.  She is a great story-teller and if you ever take a road trip to Cincinnati, the hours will fly by with her along for the ride.  I do not see Lauren very often anymore because she works in a different city and I do not know her as well as a lot of my other friends.  But there is just something about Lauren that I love.  We have two major things in common.  We are both co-contributors (along with two other moms) of a craft blog.  And we both are stalkers huge fans of YHL.

YHL was on a book tour and they were stopping in Cincinnati.  I really wanted to go and see them and so asked the masses on facebook if anyone would like to go with me?  Lauren responded that she might be free and could we make a day of it and go to Ikea, too?  Um, hello?!  Of course!  We had such a fun time.  I was really nervous about the car ride with someone who I hardly knew.  Small talk–not really my thing.  This trip could have been a huge bust.  But it wasn’t.  Turns out, Lauren is pretty easy to talk to.  Of course, we both may have totally geeked out when we met John and Sherry–who knows what we said to them.  (ok I may have mumbled something about my daughter being their daughter’s age and how they should be bff’s…whatever…I hate small talk.)


We’re so cool.

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At the beginning of the month, when I was thinking of who I would interview, Lauren made the short list.  Circumstances happened to put her at day 22.  But I think you’ll still enjoy what she had to say.

Tell me the story of how you and Eric met.  “We met on  You should tell Bekah to try it….”….see Bek, even strangers are rooting for you:)  “So right before I met Eric online, I went on a cruise with another guy that I had met.  We had both decided to be friends but we went on the cruise together.  And right before the cruise, we both met our future spouses online.  Eric and I were both initially attracted to each other because of our correct grammar.”  Nice.  “About three weeks after talking to Eric online, we met.  (I wouldn’t talk to him on the phone until after I met him face to face.  I’m not a fan of phone conversations.)”  I love it!  So how long before you were married?  “We started talking in March of ’08, he proposed to me at Christmas and we were married in August of ’09.”  Ok have you seen the video of the girl who used math to find her a guy online?  “no, I haven’t.”  It is what I would do if I were single.  Math can find you love.

Where did you go to school?  “Hilliard High School and then Bowling Green State University.  I have a degree in exercise science.”

What is your middle name?  “Marie”  Finally!  It is not as common as Lynn or Ann, did you know that?  “no, I thought everyone was Marie.”  Nope.  I’ll have to do a graphic when this month is over.

What is your personality?  INFP being a really high F”  I’m pretty sure she is the oldest child, too, with a few younger brothers.

When you were little, what did you want to be?  “In about 1st grade, I asked my mom what a baby doctor was called.  So then I went around telling people who I wanted to be an obstetrician.  I got older and didn’t want to go to school for that long.  But I do love births.  I would love to learn birth photography.”   That would be the high F part of your personality.  “Yes, I’d probably bawl through every woman’s delivery.”

Tell me something interesting about the last movie you watched.  “Eric and I went on a date and saw Red 2.  It is an action movie with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren and John Malkovich.  It is a crime/action movie but they don’t really take themselves seriously.  Eric doesn’t really like romantic comedies and I don’t like a lot of the movies he likes, but we come together on action.  ….Oh, that’s not actually the last movie I watched.  We went to eat after that movie and then got home at 6:30.  Wow, what a date, right?”  Having kids will do that to you.  “Well then I told Eric I wanted to watch an epic movie and so we put in The Hobbit.  But I fell asleep.”  Again, with the having kids.

What song do you love right now?  “I really am into folksy music.  I love The Lumineers and their song Flowers in Your Hair.  I also love anything by Josh Garrells.  He was at Ball State around the time that Eric was there.  Indiana Sky is a good taste of his music.”  I love when people tell me about artists or songs that I’ve never heard of.  My husband is a fan of The Lumineers.  I’ll have to see if he likes this song.

What has been your favorite vacation?  “I’ve always been a tropical vaca girl.  But Eric’s family has a place on Neebish Island.  It is between the upper peninsula and Canada.  We went in August once with friends and it was in the 70s and was beautiful.  It was a read a book kind of vacation.  Truly relaxing.”

What vacation has exceeded your expectations?  “The first time we went to Neebish.  We were dating and we went up there around Thanksgiving time with his family.  It was already snowing and we took walks through blankets of snow.”  It sounds so beautiful!

What book are you reading right now?  “nothing.  Well we just started The Story at church.  It is a 31 week series and it breaks the Bible down into a novel.  And I’m waiting for the 3rd book in the Divergent series to be delivered.”  I will borrow that when you are done.  I can’t wait to read it!

What is your current hobby?  our blog.  My wheels are constantly turning about what I could blog about.”  Is it what you expected?  Are you having fun?  Is it stressful?  “It is a little but I love doing it with other gals.  I am having fun.”  Good.  Me too 🙂

What would people find surprising about you?  “I’ve never really had great relationships with women.  I don’t know why that is.  When Eric and I were dating we hung out with his friends a lot and they called me ‘Lars’.  Now that I have a child, it is a little more comfortable because we have something to bond over.  I don’t know what it is, though.  I could sit with a girl and cry with her for days…so I don’t know.”  Not sure.  But I love that they called you Lars.  I’ll have to remember that.

If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?  “I would travel a lot more.  I just feel like we don’t have the finances to do it right now….I just want to be set first.”  Where would you go?  “Greece.  I’d love to do ancient greece but also the Greece Isles.”

What has been your most life changing moment?  “I went to a Christmas conference with campus crusade in Indy.  It was New Year’s Eve and I remember everyone was worshipping so freely.  I had a moment where I knew that I was ready to surrender my life to Christ.  Everything after that moment that has happened to me was because of that one trip.  I met Eric shortly afterwards and I knew that I was emotionally and spiritually ready for that step in my life.”

Finish this sentence.  Before I die, I want to “find a way to forget about myself….to let go of my selfish desires and love people.  I’ve seen others who are there and I believe that I can get there, too.”  I think you’ll make it, Lauren.


Isn’t she great?  Thanks Lauren for the chat!

Tomorrow you get to meet the 23rd lady.  Stay tuned 🙂


2 thoughts on “day twenty-two: lauren

  1. Really enjoyed this! Your small talk with YHL cracked me up Rachel. I also had never heard of ‘The Story’ – looked it up right away.

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