day twenty-three: melissa

Welcome!  If you’re wondering what all the 31 hubbub is about.  Read this.


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Melissa Anne Reker.  Her mom loved Anne of Green Gables and that is where she got her middle name.  Yay for an Anne with an E!  Melissa was born in Texas and lived there until 6th grade when her family moved to Burgoon, OH.  She lived there, went to a community college there and met her husband in Ohio.  Just last year, because of his job, they moved to Fort Wayne.

Melissa is a friend of a friend and I’d met her a few times but have only gotten to know her better over the past six months or so.  One of my favorite things about Melissa is that she’s a talker.  You might think that sounds like a back-handed compliment, but it’s not.  I really do love talkers.  I am horrible when it comes to trying to think of something to say and so I am in awe of people who have an endless supply of words.  I never have to worry about those awkward pauses that can occur when you are first getting to know someone.

Melissa and I are very different.  She loves animals.  Me, not so much.  She is super computer smart.  Me, not so much.  She talks freely about herself.  Me, not so much.  She has brown eyes.  Me, well I have blue.  But I see myself in her.  We were at the bookstore one day and she was talking about being in a new town and not knowing anyone and how it is such a huge change for her because she’s always had friends around.  She’s been married for just two years and I flashed back to when I was newly married, living in a new town and had no friends.  So we got to talking about books and how we both loved to read and I was telling her about this awesome book club I was in……wait a second.  I asked her if She would like to be in the book club.  Her eyes lit up and I was kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner.

So now we’re in book club together and we even get together and sew once a month.  Oh and we are two of the crazy girls that did Color Me Rad.  That was a lot of fun!  It was more fun getting changed in her garage so as not to ruin her new house’s carpet.  (Another difference:  At my first house, I tested our new carpet’s stain guard by pouring grape juice on it and watching it bubble up.  true story.)

me and melissa

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So I feel like I’m getting to know Melissa better and I’m finding that she’s pretty cool.  I wanted to interview her to maybe learn something new and also so the blog land masses could meet her.

What is your personality type?  “I’m borderline E/I and strong on the NFP.”  So that would be either ENFP or INFP.  I say she is more E, but that’s probably comparing her to me and not to the baseline.  Really, most people are an E compared to me.  “Also, I have an older sister and two younger brothers.  So I’m a middle child but the baby girl.”  You, crazy weird middle child, you.  🙂

Tell me something interesting about the last movie you watched.  “Well technically that would be Stargate.  But I also watched Monsters University.  Ryan liked it more than I did.  But one thing that we do is always trying to guess who the voices are.”  I like trying to guess voices, too.

When you were little, what did you want to be?  “A vet or zoologist.  I have always loved animals.”  She loves them so much that she volunteers at the zoo.  I’m glad the animals have someone to love them.

Where did you go to school?  “I went to Terra State Community College at my dad’s request.  They actually added the ‘State’ while I was there.  It was a really big deal.  I took a web design class my junior year and really loved it.  I love how graphic design mixes computers and art–two things I love.”  I’m super impressed with the things that graphic designers can do.  At the same time, it makes me feel really old.

What was your favorite vacation?  “My honeymoon to the Florida Keys.  Planning our wedding was so stressful and it was nice to just relax at our cottage by the beach.  And I got to paint with dolphins.”  Ok, that is the coolest.

What vacation has exceeded your expectations?  “I kind of expect great things all of the time.”  I love that attitude…So maybe all of them.  “And I haven’t really done a lot of vacations.”  You have many vacations in your future, I’m sure.

What is your current hobby?  “I like to read and there’s sewing club.  I like to do crafty things but I don’t finish.  I get all into something and am ‘Yeah I’m going to do calligraphy!’ and then I just do it once.”  Well I will make you stick with the sewing.

What book are you reading right now? Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin”  This book is a sequel to our book club book that everyone liked but me.  whatever.

What is your favorite song right now?  “Well I’m the type of person where every song is my favorite.  Like a song will come on the radio and I say ‘oh this is my favorite!’  I really like Matt Maher’s Lord I Need You Now.  I get excited when I hear it.  But I get excited with a lot of songs.”  Ok, well we’ll go with that one.

Where were you 10 years ago?  “I was 16 and I was a mean girl in high school.  I had just given my life to the Lord, though, so my life was changing.  I also had a bump on my head and ended up having surgery because it was a tumor.  I gave my life to the Lord and found out afterwards that it was cancerous.”  Ok, what?!  I did not know this about you!  “Yes, they did two surgeries–the second one they went in to just make sure they got it all.  But everything is ok.”  That was definitely the most unexpected answer to that question!  So thankful that you are ok.

What has been your most life changing moment?  “Definitely giving my life to the Lord when I was 16.  I was a mean angry person and God got a hold of my life and I found something to live for.  Of course, also meeting my husband.  I wouldn’t be in Ft. Wayne if it weren’t for him.”

Tell me something surprising about yourself.  –She goes on to tell me how she won a spelling bee in 3rd grade…pretty cool…and then she says…“Oh I can say the alphabet faster backwards than forwards.”  Um, what?  Prove it.  And she did!  Pretty awesome.  Not really useful, but definitely awesome.  And surprising.

If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?  “Well I don’t really have rational fears.  I went on a subway in New York City once at 3 am and didn’t think anything of it.”  Ok then.

Finish this sentence.  Before I die, I want to “have kids…be a mom.”  I’m believing you will.


That is Melissa in a nutshell.  She always makes me smile 🙂

Tomorrow is another day and another lady.  See you then!


3 thoughts on “day twenty-three: melissa

  1. I can’t wait to hear you say the alphabet backwards for me! That is so random…love it! I am so glad the cancer was found in time. You are so great and I love getting to know you more each time I see you…

  2. It was so nice learning new things about you! You and I are more alike than I thought. I’m an animal, computer, book, and art lover and am also an INFP. (Even if you are closer to an E, I’ve still never met anyone else that close!) I’m glad that Rachel suggested–strongly–that we get to know each other. It’s cool to have a girlfriend in town. =0)

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