day twenty-four: amber

Welcome!  If you’re wondering what all the 31 hubbub is about.  Read this.


31 days wide



Hi, would it be ok if your kids came over and played?  I asked Amber that question early spring of this year.  From that moment on, her three kids and my three kids played together nearly every single day.  I think we are both thankful that they all get along so very well.  What mom isn’t happy that for at least one hour you can clean a room and it will stay that way?  Kids playing outside–what’s not to love?

Amber is my backyard neighbor.  She’s lived in Bluffton her whole life and so basically knows everyone.  She and her husband, Jeremiah, were married in 2002 and they have three children.  She is sweet and personable and super friendly–which is great for being neighbors.  Who wants a grouchy neighbor?  And those kids of hers make me laugh all of the time.  She has two girls and then a boy which is the opposite of my kids, but they all still get along great.  The two older kids play really well, the middle ones kind of do their own thing and/or get mad, and the younger two tag along and basically adore the older four.  It is fun to watch.

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I had talked to Amber in bits and pieces over the summer and so I thought it would be fun to interview her.

Here is what she had to say.

Your middle name is Marie, right?  “How did you know that?”  Oh I think I had asked you before and it is the same as me, so I remembered—yay for all of the Maries!

Have you taken a personality test?  “no.”  She then remembered she’d done love languages early on in college in a psych class but didn’t remember.  And it doesn’t matter, I’m just always curious about people.

Tell me something interesting about the last movie you watched.  “I’m always watching kid movies, of course.  So The Little Mermaid.”  Do you like it?  “yes…I just really like the music.  I would like to see War Horse.”  That is a good movie, just kind of slow.  “That is what I’ve heard and I can hardly sit still for movies anymore.”  Well it is a good one, but it might take you a few tries to finish it.  It did make me cry, though.

When you were little what did you want to be?  “a nurse.  My grandma was a nurse and would always tell me stories.  I think I always wanted to be one.”  And do you think you’ll ever go back to try and finish (math is her dreaded subject).  “I just don’t know.”  Well if you do, I will help you with the math!

What were you doing 10 years ago?  “dating my husband”  When did you get married?  “In 2002”  Um, Amber, 10 years ago was 2003.  “See, I told you I’m bad at math!”  hahahhaha:)  oh goodness.  “Well, in 2003 I was a newlywed.”

What is your favorite song right now?  “Applause by Lady Gaga” I haven’t heard that one…but man do her songs get stuck in your head so easily!

What has been your favorite vacation?  “About seven years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Seattle, WA to visit my grandparents.  We were there a week and just had Allyssa.  Things are very different with just one child.  There is so much to do there–mountains and the ocean.”  That sounds wonderful–I’ve never been that far west but would really love to visit Washington.

What vacation exceeded your expectations?  “Going to Ludington, MI this year.  We had bad weather but it was still a lot of fun going to the dunes and the state park.”  I love Michigan.

What is your hobby right now?  “Painting”  What are you painting?  “I just painted my back room and some furniture.”  Aw, a girl after my own heart.

What book are you reading?  “I just finished a Joyce Meyer book…I really enjoyed it.”

What would people be surprised to know about you?  “I quit smoking about 4 or 5 months ago.  A lot of people probably didn’t know that I even smoked.”  Was it really hard?  “It took me a good 3 months to do it and then a few more months where I could even be around people who were smoking.”  I am so proud of you!  High five!

What would you do if you weren’t scared?  “travel more by myself”  Do you mean to far away places or to fort wayne?  “both….I get lost easily and don’t do well driving at night.   I once hit a horse while driving.”  Ok. What? (as I’m cracking up laughing.)  “Well an amish man was drunk and had fallen asleep and just let his horse take him home because they know the way.  But the horse doesn’t know stop signs and went right through it and I hit it.”  Oh. My. Goodness.  I’m sure that was so scary but what a great story!

What has been your most life changing moment?  “I should say hitting the horse.”  LOL!  “Getting married.  I was single for about 3 years after a bad break up and was very happy when I met my husband.”

Finish this sentence.  Before I die, I want to “well I want to say finish my college education but I don’t want to jinx myself.  I’d like to travel more.”  Dream big Amber.  I believe that you can do both!


Thanks so much Amber!  I hope we get to know each other better and I hope our kids stay such great friends for the next…oh…13 + years 🙂

Tomorrow starts is the 7 day count down to the end of this month.  Oh my goodness has this been an adventure for me!


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