day thirty: dorothy and shirley and all of the rest of you

Welcome!  If you’re wondering what all the 31 hubbub is about.  Read this.


31 days wide



Dorothy Irene is my dad’s mom.  She raised seven children and loved her grandchildren beyond words.  She was funny and mischievous.  She had a wonderful memory and could recite poetry that she learned in  elementary school.  I loved her peanut butter cookies and, when I was in college, she would mail them to me in her empty coffee tins.  I miss her so much.  I know she loved me and was proud of me.


Shirley Marie is my mom’s mom.  She loves when we visit.  She cries when she sees my kids and I’m so glad they are able to know her.  I grew up spending time with her in the summer.  She would take me to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and to the Old Spaghetti Factory.  It is still my favorite restaurant.  I remember watching Jeopardy with her and getting new slippers every Christmas that she knitted for us.  I know that she loves me and is proud of me.

My two grandmas.  My grandma Dorothy passed away a year ago.  My grandma Shirley had a devastating stroke 15 years ago and is unable to speak.  I was thinking of them at the end of September and I wondered what it would be like to sit and talk with them.  That thought is what got the wheels turning in my head to interview the different women in my life.  It is best to talk to the people around you that you love or that inspire you while you can.

I had planned on interviewing 31 total women and only got around to interviewing 28.  So let’s just pretend this past month was February and we can call it good.  I learned that most of the women found themselves uninteresting and yet once each of you started talking, unique parts of your life started to show.  I believe with my whole heart that we are each fearfully and wonderfully made.

Mom, you are virtuous.

Bekah, you are an overcomer.

Baby girl, you are affectionate.

Kelley, you are intelligent.

Cindy, you are uplifting.

Lynne, you are diplomatic.

Jessica, you are confident.

Dana, you are passionate.

Mary, you are noble.

Rachel, you are beautiful.

Bekah M., you are creative.

Sally, you are delightful.

Tracie, you are warm.

Lindsey F., you are compassionate.

Danielle, you are considerate.

Stephanie, you are refreshing.

Julie, you are giving.

Laura, you are joyful.

Aunt Sharon, you are resilient.

Aunt Jean, you are honorable.

Linda, you are hard-working.

Lauren, you are friendly.

Melissa, you are honest.

Amber, you are kind.

Monica, you are loyal.

Alyssa, you are courageous.

Emily, you are imaginative.

Lindsey W., you are artistic.

There is a great song that starts with the lyric, “Cathedrals have tried in vain to show the image of your face.  But we are, by your design, the signature of divine.”  For the 28 women that I interviewed and for those that I didn’t and who may be reading this, I hope that you believe that you are each God’s masterpiece–His signature on this earth.  I want to thank you all for taking the time to sit and talk with me whether on the phone or in person.  And thank you for trusting me to write about you.

Tomorrow is the last day of October.  I am going to try to believe the words I just spoke in the previous paragraph.  I am relinquishing control.  It won’t be easy.  oh help.


4 thoughts on “day thirty: dorothy and shirley and all of the rest of you

  1. Rachel, you did an awesome job! I love you and thanks for sharing all your friends with the rest of us. Ladies I have enjoyed the journey with you. God bless you all.

  2. I loved this last interview. It made me miss my Grandmas, both of whom are gone. Just to hear their voices again….. One day in a better place.

    Thank you, Rachel for a FUN month! It was such a unique and interesting thing to do and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone. You are a kind, sweet friend, Rachel Maggard! I love how you can make me laugh!!

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