Country Mouse vs. City Mouse

You know the story, right? The country mouse is envious of his cousin who lives in the city. He goes to visit and gets chased by a cat and decides living in the country may not be as exciting but, at least, he doesn’t have to fear for his life.


So I ask you. Are you a country mouse or a city mouse?

I grew up living in the country. I loved being able to go outside and read and lay in the grass and soak up the sun’s rays. And I loved looking out and seeing far far far out into the horizon.  And I thought to myself, ‘Why would I ever want to live in the city?’

And then I moved away and went to college in a big city. And everything was so close! And convenient! And there were actual people to talk to as opposed to just reading about them in a book! What a crazy turned around world I was living in!

Now I live in a small town.  I can walk three blocks to the library.  I can walk to the park, the splash pad, my mom’s group or even my friend’s home.  I love being able to see a recipe online and then drive to the store and get the ingredients without it being an hour long ordeal.  Or hearing about a good book and running to the library to grab it so that I can read it that evening.

I miss the big city.  I miss the bigger stores and the movie theater and the options for stuff to do after 7:30pm on a weeknight.  But where I am right now in my life, I love living in my small town.  It is a great place to raise my kids.  And do I miss the country life?  Sometimes.  And then I hear my friend tell me a story of her and her mom chasing a mouse around their home or finding mice poo in places you do Not want to find it.  That I do not miss.

And so when I get nostalgic about country living, I just hang out with these online friends.  Ree and Myquillyn and Meg.

pioneer woman

picture courtesy of pioneer woman

I sip my chai from the local coffee shop and live vicariously through their beautiful pictures and stories…..but without all of the mice poo.

What do you love about where you live?

I’m glad that the mice love the country.  And I hope ms. city mouse visits her country cousin quite often.


3 thoughts on “Country Mouse vs. City Mouse

  1. I love having friends close by to walk to their houses too 🙂 And that sometimes on Sunday nights in the winter when we’re bored to death – there are other people very close by, just as bored, and we can get together to eat pizza and hang out in our sweats and watch our kids run around using up their energy that we could not match.
    I love living close to all the same things you do!
    But I would lie if I said the country, where having more land, more privacy, and the option to let my kids run around outside without fearing for their lives in the ‘city’ streets wasn’t super appealing too 🙂
    Let’s make the most of where God has us now!

  2. I’m a suburban town/village mouse! Thankful to be older mom with a single child living in a town. Don’t have to drive all the time to go places. Sometimes country living can isolate you.

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