Question: What does a stay at home mom do all day?

Little kids ask a lot of questions. Some days all of the questions overwhelm me. I decided to write them all down.

Alex: Can I get in bed, too? whaaa? I’m half asleep. roll over and see that Ben is sleeping in my bed. I wonder when he got there. We all get up and go downstairs to get breakfast.

A: Can we have a drink?
A: Oops, can I have a napkin?
A: I don’t have school, right? No Alex, not today.
A: Does Emily? Yes, Alex.

The boys are done with breakfast.

A: Do I put my napkin inside my bowl? No the napkin goes in the trash.

The boys are getting dressed and I tell Alex to put his pajamas in the laundry hamper.

A: Do you mean upstairs? No, they’re dirty.
A: Why? I just look at him.

Ben: Now what do I do? He is done getting dressed and so I tell him to go brush his teeth. It is like we don’t do this every. single. morning.

I get Emily up and we head to the car to take Ben to school.

A: Mommy do I have big muscles?
Emily: Mommy do I have school today? Yes
E: Am I the leader? No.
A: What am I going to do while Ben and Emily are at school?
A: Mommy did I already tell you about the movie we watched last night with daddy? No, you didn’t.

Ben is at school and we arrive at home and I am getting Emily breakfast.

E: What are those called? Rice Krispies.
E: Did we pray?
E: Is it school time now?

Alex has been coloring but it is time to take Emily to school.

A: Can I finish this later? Sure.
A: Can I watch a movie on the tv? No, not right now.
A: Can you push that button? He wants me to open the garage door.

We get back from dropping Emily off at school and I’m getting milk out of the fridge to make myself some breakfast.

A: Can I have lunch, too? Are you making lunch?

It is 9:05am and I decide it is too exhausting to answer all of the questions And write them down.

Obviously, Alex is a morning person.  Emily and Ben’s questions pick up later in the day and then I really get bombarded.  I think I’ll take a morning nap to prepare myself.


4 thoughts on “Question: What does a stay at home mom do all day?

  1. Oh my, I hear ya!!

    About a year ago, I tracked for an entire day how many times the boys requested me – basically how many times I was interrupted (not counting the times I chose to get involved – like breaking up spats, etc). At the end of the day: 633! I concluded it’s okay if I don’t feel like I can get ANYTHING done!! haha…we are going to miss these days! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness! I didn’t get through two hours. I’m so impressed that you did the entire day! Yes, I’m sure when I’m 50, I’ll be complaining about how quiet the house is 🙂

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