Rachel’s Cooking Show

Ok, let’s be honest. There’s no way I’d ever have a show on tv. Talking in front of people….even if they are people I can’t see makes my palms sweat just thinking about it. I had to take a speech class in college and I waited until the last semester and then I took the night class because it had fewer people in it. I did ok, but on the inside I felt like every speech came out like this:

Let me clarify this.  Why do I love blogging?  That goes without even being said.  Let me clarify this.  I can talk and share my ideas without opening my mouth.  It is glorious.

So this cooking show.  I am making quite a few dishes for thanksgiving.  It is just my family and my parents this year and so I don’t need to make a lot of anything, but we still have a lot of traditional dishes that everyone wants.  When it is all said and done we might have to find our thanksgiving pants.

Here is a break-down of our menu:

Are you hungry, yet?  Don’t worry–it is only a day away!

I am going to try to get most of my dishes done today.  Because of that, I am going to make PW’s mashed potatoes (and who am I kidding?  also because her stuff is So delicious!) and her pumpkin pie (the recipe is in her holiday cookbook).  I will be able to make the biscuits and pecan tassies today, too.  So tomorrow I just have to throw together the corn pudding and green bean casserole and stick them in the oven along with the mashed potatoes.  It is all about having a game plan, people!

I will be hanging out with these guys today so that tomorrow I can have a wonderfully relaxing day.


What does your thanksgiving menu look like?  I haven’t made sweet potato biscuits before so I’m most excited to try them.  And I love corn pudding.  What food do you look forward to eating at thanksgiving?  Don’t tell me you’re like Chandler and you eat chicken.


4 thoughts on “Rachel’s Cooking Show

  1. What no cranberry sauce we are having turkey dressing mashed potatoes cranberry sauce butternut squash and brussels sprouts with chestnuts happy holidays

    • There was talk of cranberry sauces of yore. But it was decided, unanimously, to nix it for this year. And I think mom wanted squash but she’d probably be the only one to eat it.

  2. I love the sound of sweet potatoe biscuits! I’m so curious to look at the recipe…
    We have many of the same similar dishes…though at my husband’s get together, there’s always at least 1 enormous crockpot full of Polish Sausage. Yep.
    I’m contributing caesar salad and pumpkin-cool whip-pudding dip w/apples this year…make sure I have a veggie and fruit that I can enjoy since Polish sausage and pregnant me do not enjoy the holidays together…

    • I’m not sure I even know what polish sausage is….I’m not even sure I Want to know what polish sausage is! A salad! That’s what we forgot–oh well, I think we’ll survive 🙂

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