Alex Said That

Alex:  Mom can you do my hair handsome today?

Me:  Sure.

Alex:  Will you put the animal in it?

Me:  The animal?

Alex:  Yeah, that stuff.  (pointing to the mousse.)


The Macy’s Day parade just started.

Alex:  Oh look!  There’s the rooster!

Me:  Alex, that’s a turkey.

Alex:  oh.  yeah.


Alex:  Is it bad if you choke on a toy?

Me:  It could be.

Alex:  What would happen?

Me:  Well if you don’t get it out, you’d keep choking and you wouldn’t be able to breathe.  If you can’t breathe, you’ll die.

Alex:  And then you’d go to heaven and Jesus would get it out?

Me:  Yeah, something like that.

Alex:  (to himself)  And that is just the way life works.


As we unwrap the gifts for Day 3 of our Christmas Adventure Box.

Ben:  I got Joseph!

Emily:  I got Mary!

Alex:  I got the moose!

Everyone:  Alex it’s a donkey.

Alex:  (laughing)  Oh. yeah.


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