While the Kids are Napping…

Sometimes I take a nap while my kids take a nap.  Usually, I read a book or watch a movie.  And sometimes, I sew.  Lately, I’ve been sewing.

I like to sew quick projects that I can get done in under an hour or two.

I made this fun coffee cozy.  Now I just need a Starbucks to go with it.


Who wouldn’t want a cute hot pad?  This one is perfect for the season.


And this project I did over the course of a few days.  My friend’s mom let me borrow this book.  She knows my love of fun pillows.  It was my first attempt at quilting.  I’m not sure if I’m a fan, but I like the way the pillow turned out.


And finally, I added some dots on my wall going up the stairs.  You can hop over to Mamas Together today to check that out.

What do you do while your kids nap?  Are you like me and have super productive days and then go days where nothing gets done?


4 thoughts on “While the Kids are Napping…

  1. SERIOUSLY! You are so talented 🙂 Will we see any of these tonight?!
    When my kids nap I almost ALWAYS nap. My other go-to’s are listening to Andy Stanley sermons and folding laundry. And, of course, I catch up on my blog reading 🙂

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