The Blue Tulip Shop

You may or may not know that I like to make stuff.  That is the very complicated way of explaining my creations.  Very in-depth, I know.

I have been wanting to add items to the shop tab on my blog homepage, but who knew that selling stuff on the internet would be so complicated?

I learn something new about blogging each week.  Last week I learned that it is not possible to add a shop to a blog, although it is possible to add one to a blog.  Why you may ask?  The answer has something to do with hosting your own domain and I have a speck of a clue of what that means…and I promise it is not interesting enough to explain on this blog.

With that being said, I have begun working on an etsy shop.  So for all of those people that ask, “Do you have an online shop?”, hopefully I can answer YES! very soon.

If you are interested in buying a pre-made Blue Tulip item RIGHT NOW—I do have a little booth set up at The Gathering House in Berne, IN.

Here are some of the creative goods you can find there–a lot of them would make great Christmas presents!


Lovely Little Man Ties

tie collage

Adorable Accent Pillows

pillow collage

Cute Camera Strap Slipcovers

camera collage

Zippy Zip Bags and Happy Hot Pads

bag and hot pad collage

Awesome Asymmetrical Aprons

apron collage

If you have purchased a Blue Tulip item in the past (or even if haven’t), what items would you like to see listed in my etsy shop?


8 thoughts on “The Blue Tulip Shop

  1. Must you taunt and tempt me further with the pictures?! I bet you could sell more bunting…like the seasonal ones you made or something else Blue Tulipy…
    Plus you know I loved the monogrammed matching things for kids last summer 🙂
    I’m so psyched about this, for you!!!

  2. Look at You Miss Go Getter. I hope you do well 🙂 I tried Etsy, and failed miserably…… mostly because I had no clue what I was doing or how to do it well.
    FYI Blogger allows you to set up a shop. I have the start of one…..and haven’t put anything in it. I lack motivation these days. Can I have some of your motivation? 🙂

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