do you ever get the blues?

The Promise

My children are excited to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  They are in awe of each snowfall.  They get excited stapling strips of white paper to make a chain.  Asking them to help me wrap presents, you would think that I just gave them the world.

And yet.  Sometimes you I just feel bleh.  The worries of life seem to weigh you me down.  You I feel like if you I hear any more bad news, you’ll I’ll just lock yourself myself in the closet bathroom with a good book and not come out for a month.

Pleeease tell me I’m not the only one?!

And then.

I heard this song on Sunday and my spirit was refreshed.

And then yesterday I was hit again with that bleh feeling.  But then I walked by one of my kitchen cabinets and stopped to read a verse that I have taped up.  (Do you ever tape Bible verses up at random places around your home to encourage yourself and then ignore them?)  Paul is writing to the Christians in Rome.  I thought about what that would have been like to live in that time.  There was darkness all around.  The believers of Jesus were a small light in a dark dark world and so Paul encouraged them with these words.  I paused and let the words of His promises sink deep into my soul.

the love of god

NOTHING can separate me from His love.  That is His gift to me.  May you have a joy-filled, peace-filled, love-filled Merry Christmas.


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