Let’s Browse, Shall We?

advent calendar

This advent calendar is simple to make, looks gorgeous and is reusable. It is the trifecta of all things good.


Christmas music is just. so. good.


guards of the night

If flash mobs are considered art, then this is art creating art. Needless to say, I love it.


white bedroom

I love color. And yet this bedroom catches my eye and I wonder if I should go this route and redo my bedroom. You know, the one I haven’t even finished yet. And then I realize that maybe if I just clean my bedroom, I’ll feel better. Maybe I’ll have a white room in my home someday. Maybe. Someday never.



Books to read to your kids. Have you read any of these to your children? What do you think of her choices?



This wreath makes my mouth hang open. I want one for my front door. It just shot to the top of my weekend list. Sorry family. You might have to wash your own laundry, but then, what else is new?


tree skirt

And finally, check out the tree skirt I made for a friend. I just love how it turned out. And bonus, her family loves it too!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Browse, Shall We?

  1. I love that advent calendar 🙂 artsy and educational! Of course you know I LOVE the tree skirt too…and Mylin and I have been working through the Little House on the Prairie series and she loves it! Joel can’t wait to read Narnia to her and I would love for us to read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings together…but not sure about all of those series she suggested!
    Thanks for a fun post, Rachel 🙂

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