Making it Through

I’m on my 47th cold of the season and I’m out of orange juice. And the kids are home because school was canceled today for what feels like the 20th time this winter.

I think this might be a “normal” Indiana winter, but who knows since we haven’t had a real winter in the last 15 years. And the cold is what is killing us since it is too dangerous for the kids to go outside and play for longer than 5 minutes. And (I’m sure you know how much work it is to get three kids bundled up to go play in the snow) I’m just not going to send them out there when I know it will only be for a short amount of time.

So what to do to keep ourselves busy…

Legos:  Boba Fett vs. CPPO (a bad R2 unit that Ben named) <—–Yes I had to ask Ben their names.


Angry Birds Unplugged

angry birds

Old School Mario Un-Unplugged (I cleaned under that dresser immediately after viewing this picture.  egads.)


Chocolate Chip Cookies are a necessity.


As is soup.  I tried out a new PW recipe.

hamburger soup

And then I got crafty and made Em her own infinity scarf, myself a pillow and my brother requested a Mario apron.  You can get yourself any one of them right here.

Em's Infinity

hello pillow for me

adult mario apron

And things got really interesting yesterday when my husband starting looking through our old books.

He found this advertisement.  What man doesn’t want to live well?


I have a collection of New Testaments that my grandpa brought back from Europe when he was in WWII.  This piece of paper was in a French Bible.  I’m assuming it had to be filled out in order to send gifts home.

gpa's bible

And then this.  My husband found this obituary from 1909.  Does anyone know any relation of Mr. Eli Fisher?  Does anyone find the last line hilariously disturbing?  “Seemingly everything that could be done, was carried out for him, but to no avail, and the grim reaper completed his work….”

the grim reaper

I saw this neat experiment in a magazine involving pipe cleaners and borax to make snow crystals.  A friend posted a picture on fb yesterday of their results and so now I want to give it a try.  I’ve added borax and orange juice to the grocery list.

I’ve also been reading a lot of books.  And I’m in the middle of Mary Poppins right now so I’m going to get back to it.  What have you been doing to keep yourself busy this winter?


8 thoughts on “Making it Through

  1. 1. We are bored.
    2. Olson was up all night with a stuffy nose (the only thing that comforts newborns is nursing and nursing is impossible if you can’t breathe out of your nose.)
    3. I started The Hiding Place yesterday and am ADDICTED. If I didn’t have a newborn up all night, I would have stayed up all night to finish it
    4. I want to do a post on our Blue Tulip gifts and ‘advertise’ your store – is that ok!?

    • 1. I would say ‘let’s get together’, but I have been afflicted with another cold/sore throat. bleh.
      2. so so sorry 😦 poor babe and even more..poor mama.
      3. LOVE! Bekah actually visited the her home in Holland and has cool pictures.
      4. Quite ok–I’m honored!

  2. I made 2 soups for us too – and we had choc chip cookies. Seems to be the thing to do. As for the obituary…who kept track of 101 nights of sickness?

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