Weekend Fun….and The Chilly Chili Chrudge.

A few months ago when the winter weather was a balmy 40 degrees, I asked a few friends if they wanted to run in an outdoor 5K along some trails.  One agreed and one said, “I’ll let you know.”

So we began “training”.  And then January hit with tons of snow and ice.  We thought, “Oh this won’t last.  I’m sure it will be gone by February 8th.”  We were wrong, but still in high spirits.  So the girls came up to my house for the weekend.  We had sewing group and Jessica’s birthday to celebrate.  That little 3 mile run was just going to be our Saturday morning exercise.  We had warm clothes and tracks for the bottom of our shoes.  We were prepared–no biggie, we told ourselves.

Friday arrived and we celebrated Jessica’s birthday by setting fire to a cheesecake.

that cake is on fireIs anyone else singing, “that cake is on fire!  that cake is on fi-i-i-ire!” ?

And then there was unwrapping of presents.

001And we did some sewing.  Look how happy they are!  And how warm they are!

003And then Saturday came.  And reality set in.

tempIt was c-c-c-c-cold outside!

So we bundled up.  Look at us smiling with our eyes.


Oh and Bekah decided she’d volunteer instead of run.  Lucky girl got to ‘keep the fire going’ aka: stay warm.


Of course, the trail through the woods was pretty.


But I will never do it again.  It was impossible to run.  I did not train for running in what felt like cold sand up to my shins.  And so we trudged, and thus, renamed the race as the Chilly Chili Chrudge.trudgeThank goodness for this little bench to rest my weary feet.

resting place

And Jessica really liked, what she called, the Anne of Green Gables bridge.


When we finally saw an opening in the woods, we used our last bit of energy to run towards the pavement.  And, while there was talk of kissing the ‘land’ like the girl in The Pacifier in the scene where the mini van whips into the parking spot, we feared we might not be able to peel ourselves up off of the ground.

So we kept trudging towards the finish line.  And we were glad that, what felt like 2 hours, it was only an hour.  We were too cold to be embarrassed by that incredibly slow time.013

After some chili and hot chocolate…

016…..and a hot shower, (I decided to omit that picture.) we met William and headed to the movies.  He took the kids to see The Lego Movie.  And the girls went to see Monuments Men.  We gave both movies two thumbs up.  We came out of the theater and it was, you guessed it, snowing.

The kids didn’t seem to mind.

the kids

And after supper, we were walking back to our cars and saw this.  The kids loved it.


And that’s the end of the story of my weekend.  What adventures did you have this past weekend?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Fun….and The Chilly Chili Chrudge.

    • I remember mentioning to Jessica that I felt like Rocky when he was training in the snow. Of course, he was pulling a huge tree by chains, too. I was pretty delirious.

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