Unoriginal Valentine’s Day Cards

I made these valentines for Ben in his first  year of preschool.  I’m pretty sure no one even had heard of pinterest back then.  Well, now there are no original ideas anymore, unless you get off of pinterest and into your own creative mind…but who has time to do that?! 😉  I decided to make these for the kids’ v-day parties this year and when my kids saw them, they were thrilled.  They haven’t seen the same old idea all over pinterest.  And, you know what, even if they had and they loved them…it is ok.




It is better to make an unoriginal craft with a happy kid than an original craft with a kid in tears.

You have my permission to make that into a printable.

Excuse me for the super short post.  I have to go peruse pinterest on how to take better pictures of pictures for a blog.

p.s.  Want more fun craft ideas?  Check out my latest over at MamasTogether today.


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