Everyone Loves Me

Read the title of this post.  That is what Emily said after I read all of her valentines to her.

And now.  Youtube videos.  I love them.


I love Frozen.

If you’re tired of this song already, I’m sorry.  But if you’re not.  Oh my word.  So cute.

I love the vlogbrothers.

And the tips in this video are genius.  Particularly, the one about the razor.  I’ve tried it and it works!  People, do you know how much money I’m saving??!

I love BenandMatt.  Or do you say MattandBen?

These guys.  I really think we could be friends.  I’ve already met one of them.


But, I’ve decided for the sake of Ben and Jennifer’s marriage, I’m not going to enter the contest.


What/Who do you love?  For the real people in my life, I love you more’n my luggage.  My friends and family, but especially Benjamin, Alexander and Emily.  And you William.  Happy Valentine’s Day.


penny for your thoughts...

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