Virtual Book Exchange

I recently participated in the We Heart Books virtual book exchange. I first heard about it from Katie of Cardigan Way. I remember signing up for it before I really even knew what it was. But, really, if it has to do with books, I’m usually on board.  Later, I was sent a short survey asking me what kind of books I liked or didn’t like and if I had a book wish list.  The ladies in charge of the virtual book exchange then paired anyone who signed up with someone else and we exchanged books.  We were able to send the person an ebook or paperback book.

My exchange partner, Allison, is from Ft. Worth, Texas and her information said that she liked historical fiction and classics.  She said she’d read a lot of the well-known classics like Jane Eyre and Little Women and, of course, Jane Austen’s books.  So I wanted to send her a favorite classic of mine.  I was trying to decide between Count of Monte Cristo or Lorna Doone.  I ended up choosing Lorna Doone in hopes that it was lesser known than other works and that she hadn’t read it.  It is one of my favorites and one of those stories that seems as if it could be based on a true story.

lorna doone

The book that Allison sent me was The Giver.  It is one that I have been wanting to read for a long time and so I put it on my wish list.  She sent it to me and said she chose it since the movie is coming out this year.  I read it this past Saturday.  It was a really fast read and I’m so excited to read the books that follow it.  If you haven’t read it but enjoyed The Hunger Games or Divergent, you will like this book.  It was one of those where I wished it wasn’t ending.

the giver

It was so much fun to pick out a book for a fellow lover of books and to receive a surprise package in the mail…just like Christmas.  If there is another We Heart Books exchange, I will definitely be participating again.  You should, too!

So.  What have you read lately?  Have you given a book as a gift recently?  If so, what book or books do you love to give?


8 thoughts on “Virtual Book Exchange

  1. Wait the Giver is a series?? I read the first book about 5 times growing up. I too liked the Hunger Games, the Divergent series. I have to say when it comes to classic historical literature, I usually prefer to watch the movies. Yeah, I’m cool like that. Right now I’m reading some slightly lame christian historical romance type of book. I only had like 3 minutes before my kids were going to explode at the library to pick one out. The cover was pretty. So that’s what I picked.

    Life of Pi was an interested read, but again, kind of weird.

    • There are three book after The Giver. I think the last one was just written. I made myself start reading classics when Ben was a newborn b/c I was sick of reading “lame christian historical romance”. 🙂 Now I love them.
      I shook my fist in the air at the end of Life of Pi.
      Have you read The Book Thief or The Fault in Our Stars or Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet? I read them in the past year and loved them all.

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