Shop Updates

Thanks to everyone who has given me such great feedback since I announced I was opening The Blue Tulip Shop on etsy. Whether you’ve purchased or commented with encouraging words or gave me a thumbs up on facebook, it has all made me smile 🙂

If you’ve liked The Blue Tulip on facebook, there is a shop button you can click that will show you all of the product available to purchase.  If you haven’t liked it on fb, you should! 🙂

And now for the updates:

I have added more infinity scarves in new colors–the yellow and light grey are some of my favorites.


Light Grey

I’ve also listed a few aprons.  Their off-kilter design should add a little fun to your baking.  I’m loving the bright orange and teal in this one.

orange diamond

Bowties.  I am in love with this new product.  I think your little guy would look adorable in one of these.  I think the green plaid might be my favorite.

tealgreen waves

striped linen

green plaid

And, finally, did you know I do custom orders?  I love to make fun accessories for you our your home.  If you have something in mind, contact me and we can discuss.  I recently made this fun apron for a co-worker of my brother’s.

batman apron

And so there is your quick preview of some of the new items listed in the shop.  There are more choices so click on over and check them out!


6 thoughts on “Shop Updates

  1. How big are those infinite scarves? Do you do orders?–I have lots of “patriotic” fabric that I would like a large bunting made for our July 4th celebration. Love your creativity and motivation!

    • The scarves are about 12-17″ in length. They do vary depending on the type of yarn. I do take orders. You can email me your questions….or, of course, give me a call 🙂

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