Let’s Browse, Shall We?

Really cool pictures.

These tests have flooded facebook.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.  Unless you’ve deleted your facebook account.  To which I say, Bravo….and also, what’s new with you?  Back to the test.  This one made me laugh because it told me I should have studied history and it told William that he should have studied chemical engineering.  If you know us, you see the humor.  It is almost as if we took the test for each other.

If you read and/or love books, you might agree with these thoughts.  The ruffled book edges…..why?!

If the winter olympics were in NYC.

I’m a fan of interesting ceilings.  These all made me smile.

Have you seen anything recently that has made you smile, scratch your head or shout, “I Know!”?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Browse, Shall We?

  1. Oh my! That was hysterical! I hate knowing something is going to happen, but hasn’t yet and I’m halfway through the book…just because it says so in the description! Grr! Also….I can definitely see you upset about the series numbers being messed up. I think you two are kindred spirits. 😉

  2. ha! fun! I’m not on FB so thanks for the heads-up. Turns out I should have majored in History too! After reading the description, it fits me almost to a T! ha!

    • There are so many quizzes popping up on facebook. It is getting a little ridiculous. You are the first person I’ve heard of to take that quiz and actually agree with the result—yay for accurate quizzes! 🙂

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