Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

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Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

I started out making a list of the first 10 authors I could think of that I haven’t read.  A lot of them were because I had chosen not to read the authors’ books either because I didn’t like the content or I just wasn’t interested in, you know, vampires.

But then I decided to think about it a little more and I’ve come up with 10 popular authors that I either can’t believe I haven’t read their books, am kind of ashamed I haven’t yet read their books, or really do plan on reading their books—shwew!  I’d better get busy!

10.  Lisa See  I’ve been planning to read this book for awhile now.

lisa see

9.  Ayn Rand  I feel as if I should read this or something written by her.

ayn rand

8.  James Patterson  I think I’d really like these books.  Why haven’t I read one?

james patterson

7.  Tom Clancy  I really liked the movie.

tom clancy

6.  L. Frank Baum  I liked the movie.  (Technically, I read the first chapter of this book.  I should go back and finish it.)

l. frank baum

5.  Lewis Carroll  I liked the movie.

lewis carroll

4.  Roald Dahl  I liked the movie.  I feel as if I should read something by him.

roald dahl

3.  Maya Angelou  I would really like to read this book.  Has anyone read it and can tell me if I’d like it or not?

maya angelou

2.  Emily Bronte  I’ve read the first two pages about 20 times.  I loved her sister’s book.  Emily, what is my problem with you??

emily bronte

1.  J.R.R. Tolkien  I loved the movies.  I hang my head in shame.  William bought me the trilogy at least 7 years ago.  I bought this book this year.  I will read them.  I will!  I will!


I look back at this list and all I can do is shrug and say, “Well…they make good movies.”  Is there an author that you’d love to give a try?


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. I have a picture of me reading “Along Came a Spider” on the beach on our honeymoon…. I don’t remember anything about it… However, I do love a good James Patterson book. I also read a book by Lisa See… It was a different one than was listed, but really enjoyed it.

  2. Ha! I have a habit of not wanting to read a book after I have seen the movie so I totally understand. Even though we know that the book will be even better right? But I feel like I already know what happens and the other books, I don’t know the story yet! That is why I haven’t read Memoirs of A Geisha even though I bet I would love it.

    • I usually can read them if there is enough time between seeing the movie and reading the book. And, I agree, the book is always better even if you think you won’t be surprised by something you usually are.

  3. I’ve read Maya Angelou’s book…I cannot remember most of it, but I’m pretty sure it’s her autobiography…
    And this is funny that I’ve read/seen something that you have not – we’re all surprised!

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