Cold March Days, Happy Songs and other stuff…

march quotefree download from Dear Lillie

We had snow this weekend and I thought to myself, hopefully, that it was the last.  But then we had snow flurries yesterday.  So I am still waiting for that March day that Dickens wrote about.  And also–I read this post from PW and it made me smile.  I guess I am not alone in being more than ready to see some tulips.

And Idina and Jimmy–you know I love you both–but the cold is starting to bother me.  I’m not sure that I can let it go.

Ok, I will let it go and dance my way into spring.

Meanwhile, I sewed myself something cute to distract me from the outside yucky blah blah blahness.


And I’ve been studying Genesis 1 for the Bible study that I’m in.  We’re studying inductively.

bible study

Have you heard of it?  I guess it is a thing.  My mom said she learned it when she was in campus crusade in college.  I first learned about it a month ago.  I’ll be honest–it is a lot like homework.  And I have kept putting it off but I sat down with William last night and we did some of it together and it was a lot of fun!  So, if you’re interested, I encourage you to try it with someone else.  I’m not sure I would be motivated enough to do it by myself.

So what have you been doing to pass these last days of winter?  I’ll tell you one thing, as soon as it gets to be a bit warmer and the greenway is cleared off, you’ll see me out running.  Care to join me?  I’ll be so happy to be out that you won’t miss me.  I’ll look something like this:


4 thoughts on “Cold March Days, Happy Songs and other stuff…

  1. Rachel, please post your “Happy” dance. I would like to see your moves:) Always love to read your blog, it brings a smile to my face.

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