Art Assignment #1: Meet in the Middle

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Have you heard about The Art Assignment?  Here’s a video that ‘sort of’ explains what is going on:

And here’s a video of the first assignment:

And here’s what I did to fulfill the first assignment:

1.  Set a date and time with my friend Emily

date and time

2.  Figure out where the middle is and write down the directions (because I’m the only person left in the world without a smart phone).

map and directionsspoiler alert:  The middle landed us in the middle of a field as you can see by that reddish orange marker in the picture.  We were wimps (aka smart people) and stayed on the road right about where the orange star is on the picture.  We waved to our dumber (braver and fake) selves out in the field.

3.  Decide what to do when we got there.  It was Emily’s idea for us to each bring five craft items and we would then create a work of art.  I thought it was a splendid idea and here are the items that I took (it was more like a grouping of 5 items–paint, tape, stamps, material and tissue paper flowers):

craft supplies4.  And here we are creating art:

crafting in the field5.  And here is what we made:


Have you ever SEEN a more beautiful bag??!  Challenge accepted and completed!

So let me rewind.

I was going to meet her by myself, but alas, William had to work.  So I lugged the kids with me.  They were super excited for an adventure!  You tell an adult that you are going to meet a friend in the middle of nowhere and do crafts in a field and that adult will give you a strange look.  You tell your kids the same story and they think it is AWESOME!

Also, I picked Bekah up along the way.  She also that it was cool 🙂  And I thought she could help me with the kids and take pictures and video (because have I mentioned I don’t have a smart phone?).

The crazy:

I got a late start.

Alex spilled a drink all over himself and so we had to go back inside and get him changed.  So it was even a later start.

Emily had thrown up the day before so I wasn’t sure how she’d handle the drive.

I forgot the directions at home.

The good:

Bekah bought me a chai from Starbucks.  yay!

I found the place even though I didn’t go the way the directions said.  Yay for knowing how to read country roads and for a good memory!! 🙂

We all had fun!

So I leave you with this video montage of the adventure (note:  I probably won’t be winning any oscars for video editing).

Thanks Emily for asking me to do this with you!  Fun times as always 🙂

Have you done the first art assignment?  Who did you meet and where was your middle?

Stay tuned for art assignment #2:  The Stakeout!


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