Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in a Series

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This week’s Top Ten was supposed to be a top ten of your favorite books in whatever genre you choose.  I was going to do Christian fiction but couldn’t come up with 10 that I really loved.  Also, I realized that most of my favorites were part of a series (what is with Christian authors and their series’?).  So then I decided to do my top ten favorite series which, I guess, is technically not a genre and so I’ve totally changed the requirements for this week.  But oh well.  Here they are anyway.

10.  Elephant & Piggie:  I love Gerald and Piggie’s friendship.  These books by Mo Willems make me laugh.  And they make my kids laugh, too…which is good since they are, afterall, for children. 🙂

elephant and piggie

9.  The Hardy Boys:  I read these all. of. the. time. when I was younger.  Frank and Joe, I think you’re swell.

hardy boys

8.  Divergent:  I loved this series.  I liked them better than The Hunger Games.  But can I ask a question?  What is with these worlds and their awful or annoying endings?  I’m talking about you Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver and even Lost.  seriously.  You need to work on that.


7.  Lineage of Grace:  If you’ve read any books by Francine Rivers, I’m sure you have a favorite.  I really loved reading about the five women who were in the lineage of Christ:  Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathseba and Mary.


6.  Misty of Chincoteague:  Another childhood favorite.  These books made me fall in love with horses.

misty of chincoteague

5.  Ladies of History:  I guess I have a thing with women in history.  Nancy Moser does a great job of weaving fact with fiction.  Did you know that Mozart had a sister?  The other books in this series are about Martha Washington, Jane Austen and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  I enjoyed them all.mozart's sister

4.  A Wrinkle in Time:  I cheated a little with this book.  I didn’t even know that it was the first in a series until last year and I haven’t even read the other books yet.  But I LOVE this book.  My fourth grade teacher read it to us and I have been captivated by the characters ever since.a wrinkle in time

3.  Zion Legacy & A.D. Chronicles:  Bodie & Brock Thoene can’t write a book that I don’t like.  And they are famous (infamous?) for writing book series that flow right into each other.  But the books that are in the Zion Legacy and A.D. Chronicles totally fascinate me.  The books start with Israel fighting for her independence and then flow into stories of people who met Jesus while He was on the earth.  If you like historical Christian fiction, you will love these books.

zion legacy

2.  The Chronicles of Narnia:  Really.  No explanation needed.  Read them all from start to finish.  You won’t regret it.  I loved A Horse and His Boy.

chronicles of narnia

1.  Anne:  I can read these books over and over and over again and never ever get tired of them.

anne girl

If a book is a part of a series, is it a deal breaker for you?  Or do you love the fact that once the book ends, there will be more?  What are some of your favorites?


10 thoughts on “Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in a Series

  1. I have read Mozart’s sister but didn’t know it was part of a series! I’m so excited to read the others 🙂
    You know I love Francine Rivers! She has a new book coming out next month 🙂
    And…maybe some day I’ll read Anne of Green Gables – but I might need some accountability from you to get them done…

    Next week do a top 10 that ISN’T related to books you’ve read, maybe ‘If my life was a book, these are 10 of the chapters…”

  2. Nice list Rachel! I also never knew that “A Wrinkle in Time” has more books. YAY! Have you ever read Francine Rivers’ “Mark of the Lion” series? It’s the only series in any genre I’ve read more than once all the way through. ❤

    • Yes, I’ve read them thanks to the Rachel that commented above 🙂 They were really good, too!
      I’m finishing the books after The Giver and then I’m going to read the other books after A Wrinkle in Time.

  3. I love books in a series, at least if the first one is good. But I prefer trilogies or… Quadrilogies.. Quartets? (I don’t know, I googled it and I’m still unsure what 4 books is called.) That way at least I know the answers to my questions won’t be dragged out for 12 books or something. (Although sometimes they are still unanswered, whyyyy?!?!)

    • quartets seems silly…haha:) I like 12 book series when they are all out. Discovery a series when only two of the books have been published is just torture.

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