Emily the Wannabe Leader

My daughter’s preschool has leader days. The leader brings a snack, gets to hold the flag, gets to be first in line and other special privileges throughout the day.

Emily LOVES being the leader. I’m not sure but I Think she’s likes the attention. She was a little disappointed at the beginning of the year when she realized she did not get to be the leader every. single. day.

Two months ago, I prepared a really cute snack for her leader day. School was cancelled. womp womp.

One month ago, while grocery shopping, I got a phone call from the preschool teacher asking me if I had remembered that it was Emily’s day to be leader. No, I had not. Ugh. Mommy fail. Major womp womp.

Today was Emily’s chance to finally be the leader and it is Rainbow week and they are learning about Noah and the Ark. She was SO excited to take a rainbow snack today and she dressed up in her “rainbow” shirt.

fruit rainbow

Alas the month of March was not kind to us.  Yesterday we were hit with a sudden winter storm and her school was cancelled yesterday and today as well.  Oh. My. Goodness. Golly.  Enough is enough!

April will bring about another chance for Miss Em to be the leader.  It is also her birthday month.  I’m praying for no sudden weather catastrophes because she would really really really like to take a super cool birthday snack.  I’m thinking something that starts with Hello and ends with Kitty.


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