Last Friday, I met a group of friends for sew&tell. It is a little group that we formed last October because 1. They wanted to learn to sew. B. They thought I could teach them and finally. We were obviously lacking in things to do that fall.

Well, six months later we are still meeting once a month and they are still trusting me to teach them. Basically, we just eat and have a lot of fun and amaze ourselves at the beautiful things we can make. On Friday, we made these.



They didn’t get made without our share of trials, though.  Sewing is no joke, people.  From jammed machines to needles breaking to the inevitable use of the seam ripper…these ladies are real overcomers!  And they have fun through it all 🙂

hard at workMelissa who likes to get done first.  Jessica who sews slow and steady and has perfect stitches.  Shelly who my sewing machines don’t seem to like but she keeps smiling.  Bekah who just has fun and decides to record the fun moments (like when the teacher thinks she’s given the wrong instructions for the past hour and is sure that all of her students will hate her when she tells them they have to rip it all out).

We always always always have a good time 🙂

And did I mention that we also have yummy desserts?



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