Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

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It is that time of week again!  And I’m thrilled to not be sharing a list of books this week.  Instead, here is my top ten book related items on my bookish bucket list.  They range from finishing a book to installing tons of bookshelves.  What book dreams do you aspire to cross off your list?

10.  Keep a list of books I’ve read.  I might as well cross this one off.  I decided at the beginning of the year to keep track of the books I read on goodreads.  We are almost finished with the third month of this year and I have kept up with doing this.  Yay me!  Check out my 2014 bookshelf or the My Reads category of TBT to see what I’ve loved or not so much loved.

9.  Finish Emma I usually finish a book if I start it.  Not always.  But almost always.  And I really think I’d like Emma if I could just. get. into. it.  I really need to just do it.

8.  Collect all of the Reader’s Digest Classics.  Or break down and buy them.

reader's digestOnce upon a time there was a girl who had the entire collection of Reader’s Digest Best Loved Books for Young Readers.  Her grandmother had them for her mom and aunt and then she had them growing up.  It is where she first learned to love the classics.  Where she met Lorna Doone and The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Good Earth and Jane Eyre.  And then one day she accidentally put them in a garage sale with a pile of other books.  And she sold them to an excited little boy and his mother.  And now she has her own little boys and girl and she really wishes she had those books back.  The end.

7.  Meet John Green.  I’d love to meet John Green because a)duh.  He’s a famous author and b)I like his books and youtube channel and c)He’s from Indy!  But I don’t want to meet him meet him.  Because I’m reeeeeaaaalllly bad at small talk and it would be super awkward and I’d analyze the entire conversation for weeks.  Instead, I’d like to bump into him someplace in Indy, like The Children’s Museum, and have him ask me where the restrooms are or if I know how to get to the dinosaurs on the bottom floor.  Then I’d have a really cool story about how I helped John Green find, you know, the restrooms or the dinosaurs.  Maybe I need to think about this a little bit more, but you get the idea.

6.  Be mentioned in the thank you section of someone’s book.  I don’t really care who, I just think it would be fun to be thanked for helping someone publish a book.  I don’t aspire to greatness and want to actually Write a book myself.  I guess I like to dream small.

5.  Even better would to be mentioned in the “This book is dedicated” section!  But I’d want to be alive.  A lot of books are dedicated to those who have passed on or small children.  I fit into neither of those categories.

4.  Meet Pioneer Woman.  Again.  I went to a cookbook signing in Noblesville a few years (one?  two?) ago and met her (awkward conversation.  analyzed it for weeks.  She was lovely, though.) and she signed her two cook books that I own.  Well she’s now got a third cookbook out and I have it, but it isn’t signed.  I think it is jealous of the other cookbooks and I like to be fair so I really need to meet her again.  Maybe I’ll bump into her sometime at The Children’s Museum and I’ll just happen to have my cookbook with me.  Won’t that be a lucky day?…what with me already helping John Green to the restroom and all.

3.  Finish Emily’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten before school is out.  Our library has a program where they encourage you to read 1000 books to your child before they enter kindergarten.  The boys have both finished the program.  Emily has about 150 books to go.  The problem is that I have stopped recording the books that we read to her.  I need to start writing them down so that we can finish already!

2.  Have a room that is wall to wall books.  Even better if I need a ladder to reach the books at the very top.  Even betterer if I have to climb stairs to reach a landing that has shelves of books.


1.  Read the Bible all the way through.  I don’t necessarily want to or need to do it in a year.  I just would like to say I have done it.  I’m thinking of getting a chronological Bible.  If you have one, do tell, do you like it?


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

  1. Do lots of famous people frequent the children’s museum?! My parent’s own the Reader’s Digest collection – I had no idea what those colored books were until I saw them pop up on your blog! I’ve never looked close enough – or apparently had them read to me. And I’d love to read the Bible chornologically as well – maybe a multiple year bible study task?!?! Lastly, I am now filled with fear over the realization that you analyze conversations. I have been telling myself ‘No one thinks about you as much as you think they do’ for years to get over the fact that even though I’m occasionally insane around the general public, they are oblivious to it.

    • 1) I do not know about famous people at the children’s museum. I just feel as if I know it well and so if I ran into someone famous in Indy, I would feel as if I was on my home turf. I’m sure it makes no sense to anyone but me.
      2)You should start with the Reader’s Digest version of a classic novel! They are shortened and easier to read b/c they include the “important” parts.
      3)I tell myself the same thing. I’m sure we’re correct. I tend to analyze EVERYTHING and argue with myself in my head quite often.

  2. I hope you can finish Emma. I do think you’d like it. I just read it recently and found that taking it in small doses (~10 chapters a week) really helped with my enjoyment.

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