“There’s no crying in baseball…”

I am so upset. I have been following march movie madness on pw’s blog over the past few days and ALL of my favorites are gone! Gone gone gone.  I’m so disturbed by these results that I don’t even care whether The Blind Side or A League of Their Own wins.  I’m not saying that I don’t think both of those are great movies.  They are.  I really liked Blind Side.  And A League of Their Own gets quoted so often around our house.  “there’s no crying in getting dressed!”  or “there’s no crying in taking a bath!” or “there’s no crying in eating your green beans!”

But still.



Field of Dreams.

Chariots of Fire!


all have been eliminated.  sob.

I don’t know what people are thinking!

So tell me.  Do you agree with me?  Or the masses that are voting for Blind Side?  Please tell me what you think.  But be warned.  You can not take back your answer and I might have to unfriend you.




penny for your thoughts...

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