Let’s Browse, Shall We?

054The words she writes always make me nod my head and think, “that is So true!”  If you’re a “boring” mother, you should read this.

Homemade pizza.  Gonna try this Soon!

pizzaI must make these with Em.

sewing with em

Just once I’d like to witness a flashmob.  But being on a plane and hearing this wouldn’t be so bad either.

Do you hear the train?

I can. not. get. enough.

If only I could stay up late to watch Jimmy every night.  Thank goodness for youtube.


And here are some of my crafty posts over at MamasTogether:

making art with the boys


a diy star wars cloak

star wars

yummy peach cobbler

first picture


4 thoughts on “Let’s Browse, Shall We?

  1. Thanks for catching me up on my need to watch youtube videos 🙂 I have had zero time to browse on my own time, so you doing the work for me is pretty much awesome!

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