Let’s Browse, Shall We?

Take a little trip on The Office time machine.  I started with the year I was born, but it goes way back to BC so have fun with it (ie waste a lot of time).

These beautiful place settings represent books.  Can you guess the right answer?  I got 5/10.

tea partyDo you watch tv shows and movies and wish you could live in that apartment/house?  Well, it seems like it would be wishful thinking for a lot of them, too.  I’m sorry Rachel and Monica.  You just really can’t afford your rent and that nice pair of boots, too.friendsWhere are you in your obsession of  Frozen?  I think I’m at Stage 12 and getting dangerously close to Stage 13.


“No one heard me say ‘it’s time to go,’ even though I said it 20 times…at various volumes.”  I don’t like being late.  I kind of like getting to places early.  In fact, usually 5 minutes early feels late to me.  However, I can so identify with this list.  I agree with so many and by the time I got to #10 I was laughing and by the time I got to #29 I was laughing out loud 🙂

“I honestly believe that early childhood development doesn’t include the ability to listen.  Hear, yes.  Listen, no.  For whatever reason, no one hears me until I’m in full blown auctioneer mode, rattling words off at 115 decibels.  By the time anyone in my house responds, I’ve sold a sheep and four tractors at a farm auction six counties away.”   The ten things we tell ourselves we’ll never do.  I just laughed so hard.  Never say never because you just never know.

And finally, it is spring.  Let’s dance.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Browse, Shall We?

  1. Holy cow – BEST POST EVER! “My daughter decided this would be a good time to have a meltdown over something that happened hours ago. Did I say hours? I meant days.” (If you don’t like being late, you must be following the crowd at Bible study who don’t like being early/on time!) And I’m still blissfully in love with Frozen and cannot wait to get ahold of the soundtrack 🙂 So glad we’re friends – thanks for making my already awesome day better!

    • there were so many of those that I said I KNOW to while reading. Glad you’re still enjoying Frozen. Our movie is messing up (maybe we’ve seen it too much??) so I’m afraid I may have to buy the soundtrack for Emily.

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